Better Sleep in 2021? Read this Hampton and Rhodes Mattress Review

It is a known fact that one-third of a man’s life (and woman’s of course) is spent sleeping. One-third of your life is spent on the bed; this should not be taken lightly at all. A good night’s rest is necessary for the body to work optimally. Whether or not you have a sound sleep is largely dependent on your mattress.

When you lie on any part of your body for a significantly long amount of time, the pressure of your weight interrupts blood flow in those blood vessels. The nerve cells and pain sensors in your skin then send a message to your brain for you to roll over or change sleeping position. Rolling over sets everything right, rolling over also interrupts your sleep. According to this narrative, a good mattress ought to reduce the pressure points on your body so that blood flow is not interrupted and oxygen and nutrients can find their way into the skin.

How Can I Know The Right Mattress For Me?

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There are so many mattress brands in the market and all of them claiming to be the best. Dishing out thousands of thousands of dollars for bedding doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best. The relationship between you and your mattress is a personal one. There is no generally accepted standard for choosing mattresses; if it exists I don’t know about it. Some people like it firm, some like it soft and others prefer to sleep on trees.

People with certain medical conditions may be required or prefer to sleep on a particular mattress style. Memory foam has been the mattress of choice for so many sleep professionals when it comes to pain management and support.

Sleep is very crucial to your quality of life. There seems to be so much to do these days with very little time. I don’t know about you but 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough any longer. When we sleep, our body regenerates and prepares itself for the next day. The little time you apportion to such an important activity like sleeping shouldn’t be taken for granted. Everybody deserves a good night’s rest if your mattress is robbing you of that then its time for a change.

So many people confuse quality of sleep to the quantity of sleep. Sleeping for a long time on a mattress that doesn’t support your structure will do more harm than good to you. It may even lead to back pain and other medical conditions. Whereas, catching only a few hours of sleep on the perfect mattress for you will give you the much-needed rest that you need. You tend to wake up feeling refreshed and not massaging your soreness.

While you search for the perfect mattress, please note that it will only help you sleep better when you lie on it! Don’t go saying “oh I bought that $2,000 mattress and I’m still not sleeping fine” when you’ve had a lot of coffee that day, or you’ve not been exercising.

Do yourself some good. Exercise more, reduce your coffee intake. Try sleeping in a low lit room (I prefer sleeping in total darkness). Getting better sleep will generally impact your outlook, your mood, your productivity and your health. 

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There are several factors that must be considered when you decide its time to get a new mattress.

    1. Size: Mattresses come in various sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Kind and California King sizes usually shortened to Cal King. The space in your room should help you determine this. Also, your weight and height can help you decide. Are you sleeping alone? if you’re a couple then a big mattress should be ideal. The smallest is the Twin mattress. It usually costs less than the other sizes. Needless to say, it is unwise to buy a Twin size mattress if you intend to sleep on the bed with your significant other and you both have a combined weight of 480 Lbs. Asides your height and weight, you should also consider the space in your room. There should be enough room for other belongings; a bedroom is not made up of a bed alone even though the name suggests that.
    1. Budget: It is advised that you have a set budget whenever you’re in the market for new products. This will curb overspending and keep you on track. The same also applies to mattress-shopping. Hampton and Rhodes mattress quality can be attested to by so many loyal customers. Their mattresses aren’t highly priced too while also not compromising on quality. Their beddings range from $100 to about $800.
    1. Temperature: Temperature levels can affect sleep comfort considerably. Our body dissipates heat, some more than others. Memory foam mattresses use this heat to conform to your body structure for more comfort but then it may be too warm for some people. Air cool and Gel memory foams curb this with layers of ventilated foams and cooling gels so if you sweat a lot, these should be checked out.
    1. Pain: Sleeping with a medical condition such as back or neck pain can be really painful and uncomfortable. There are mattresses that reduce the pain significantly and provide you a good nights’ rest. Memory foams and latex mattresses are recommended by professionals for such pains.
    1. Comfort and Support: The whole idea of a good nights’ rest is to be comfortable and drift slowly into dreamland. The comfort levels of a mattress should be tested before purchase. A few minutes on the mattress should tell if it is comfortable or not.Support is another very important feature. The mattress has to be able to carry your weight and carry it well. Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your body can lead to back pain and less-than-ideal sleep sessions.People who sleep on their stomach are advised to sleep on firmer mattresses to provide the needed support while side sleepers may use pillow-top or memory foam.
    1. Motion Transfer Isolation: This is one feature couples need to look out for when buying a mattress. A mattress might be big enough to accommodate two big people but when one of them rolls a lot while sleeping, the motion tends to disrupt the others’ sleep. With motion transfer isolation feature, this doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. This isolates the motion created by either party and doesn’t interrupt the other’s sleep.
    1. Warranty: Any brand that is confident about its goods and services will definitely offer you some sort of warranty, likewise a mattress. Hampton and Rhodes mattress warranty covers defects from manufacturing. Note that damage caused by the user or normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. A mattress may experience indentation and sag even with normal use after some years of use. Sagging may also happen prematurely due to manufacturer’s defects. If the mattress is still under warranty, a claim can be filed.

Memory Foam: the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people all over the world, the majority of who are older adults. Back pain has been found to affect younger people also. This can be as a result of an injury, effects of sleeping on hard and uneven surfaces or occupational strain. A good mattress seems to prevent this medical condition and offer some relief for those experiencing the pain.

Spring beds are good but don’t perform well for people with back pain, the preferred choice being memory foam in this case.

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What is Memory Foam?what is memory foam

Memory foam was first developed by NASA for cushioning aircraft seats but is now widely used for mattresses. It is made from polyurethane foam that reacts to the heat that your body dissipates by softening enough to mold around a person in minutes. When pressure is removed, it reverts back to its original shape. Memory foam has been known to increase blood circulation and reducing pressure on body parts and aching joints. It is also known to be the best mattress for side sleepers because it conforms. Stomach sleepers are more comfortable on a firm mattress than a soft one.

There are three main types of memory foam, the most popular being the traditional type.

Traditional Memory Foam: This usually has a high-density PU at the bottom, bonded foam in the middle and the memory foam on top.

Air cool memory foam: This foam integrates layers of ventilated foams into the mattress.

Gel memory foam: This is my personal favorite. It is infused with tiny gel beads which bond with the foam. The traditional memory foam may retain heat during summer but the gel beads here help to reduce the heat. It also provides extra support which prevents sinking and extra relief for aching joints.

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These mattresses are highly recommended for back and joint pain sufferers. While there are a plethora of memory foams available, Hampton and Rhodes memory foam reviews show that it is the preferred choice for most people and the present owners are happy to recommend it to family and friends. Also, the company has all the main types of memory foams stated earlier.

The Hampton and Rhodes Brand


H&R is a force to reckon with in all mattress and sleep affairs. They have succeeded in bringing innovative mattresses to the populace at reasonable prices. All its products are produced in the United States. On the website, it can be seen that the two major distributors of their mattresses are SleepTrain and MattressFirm. However, there have been so many complaints about their warranty firm warranty claim on the internet. Customers seem to be infuriated with the firm in regards to their customer care and a somewhat problematic warranty claim process.

Hampton and Rhodes Mattress Reviews

There so many positive Hampton and Rhodes mattress ratings so I’ve decided to avail to you some of the products that the brand currently has.

Memory Foam

You really cannot get too much of memory foam. The fact that it conforms to your body and handles your body weight efficiently is what makes it suitable for pain sufferers. Memory foam is the best option of a mattress for people suffering from back pain, joint pain, and neck pain. The Hampton and Rhodes hr300 is a mattress made of memory foam. It provides you with the much-needed support and softness in the right proportion that guarantees a wonderful sleep.

It is pertinent to point out that these mattresses are resistant to molds, bacteria, mites and other allergens.

It has been noticed that these mattresses tend to warm up especially during the winter months. I think Hampton and Rhodes hr500 is a solution to that problem because it is made of cooling gel memory foam that will keep you cool while you sleep.

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Inner Spring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have been around since the 19th century and have remained the most common mattress type especially in America. A complete innerspring bed will usually have the box spring base, the mattress springs, and the padding layer. Metal coils make up the support system; the greater the number of coils, the better the bed can contour and support whoever is on it. On top of the coils, manufacturers tend to use soft materials like foam, padding etc. to provide a comfortable surface to sleep on. The material on top can range from quilting to memory foam and pillow top.

The Hampton and Rhodes hr340 is also an innerspring mattress with VertiCoil innersprings. Above the springs is a pillow top with multiple quilting layers to provide all the comfort that you may need.

Hampton and Rhodes hr400 does not have pillow top but has multiple quilted layers and comfort layers atop the Lura-Flex Coil (LFK) to provide comfort and support.

Another great mattress that utilizes almost the same technology is the Hampton and Rhodes hr320. The layers of quilted foam, in addition to the comfort layers and support base, this mattress is ideal for so many reasons.

Hampton and Rhodes hr400 reviews on sales outlets testify to the fact that the multiple quilted layers atop the Lura-flex coil are a favorite among customers. Innerspring mattresses are among the affordable and they are very easy to find

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Pillow Top Mattress

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Just like the name suggests, a pillow top mattress has an added layer stitched to the mattress’s top for extra comfort and the feel of feathers. These mattresses can be made from one or the combination of fibers, memory foam, wool, latex etc.

Hampton and Rhodes pillow top mattress reviews have been fairly positive.

These mattresses are built in two parts; the support section which can be innerspring, foam or any other material and the pillow top section. This is the soft layer that gives luxurious comfort to the user. The Hampton and Rhodes hr440 has a pillow top above its Lura-flex coil (LFK) to give the best of support and comfort.

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Last Words

Sleep is good but a good night’s sleep is reviving. The quality of mattress has been related to the quality of sleep among other factors. Investing in the right mattress will definitely pay off. Back pain, soreness, fatigue, and discomfort are some problems that may arise from using bad mattresses and this will lead to unhappiness, reduced productivity and insomnia in extreme cases. Find out the mattress that best suits your needs and take the bold step. It doesn’t have to be bank-breaking; get a Hampton and Rhodes mattress. They offer a wide range of innovative mattresses at much-reduced prices that you can afford. Do not put a price tag on a good night’s rest!

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