6 Reasons to Follow the Wave [Casper Wave Review]

Casper Wave Review

Casper is not a new name in the world of mattresses. They have been in existence for quite a number of years. It is one of the best and favorite mattress brands in the market. What then is the fuss about them? The new thing is that they have just released a new product in the market for the pleasure and satisfaction of their numerous customers. The name of the new mattress in the line of their mattresses is the Casper Wave.  The new Casper wave mattress is made with a high consideration of the end user in mind and it promises to offer so much value for users. It’s a complete balance to price value ratio as it offers so much luxury to users with its competitive price.

The question on the mind of many is based on the justification of this high price. Some wonder if this new mattress warrants its cost, considering what values it will offer. Well, we need not query any longer as we will be doing justice to that with this review. I bet you this will be the only review you need to have all your questions answered about this all-new mattress.


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The Casper Wave is a well-designed foam mattress that is made of five different foam layers, with an extensively thick cover, of about 12 inches high. The motive behind this height and extra foam layers are to provide you with the needed comfort you will not find in any other mattress brand or make. Aside from this, the mattress has come well-built and designed with some unique features to ensure you have a guaranteed comfort irrespective of the position you sleep in. You are fully insured with a great level of comfort with this mattress. In giving you a more reliable comfort, you are provided with a support structure on this mattress so as there will be enough support where and when needed while using it. With this, the mattress feels sturdy. Hence, it is worthy to note that the manufacturer designed it this way to give a plusher feel to the users.

Cover – The first contact with this mattress will leave you greeting the cover. The cover of this mattress comes with a very thick combination of materials such as the rayon and polyester. This is to ensure that the mattress has a cozy effect on the users. You might be wondering the effect of the cover considering its thickness in contributing to more heat. You have no worries as regards this. Notwithstanding the thick nature of this mattress’ cover, it has been discovered to be user-friendly as I find it to be breathable and it didn’t affect me negatively in any way. More so, I didn’t feel any sign of overheating. Such a wonder, it is. The reason the manufacturer, Casper made the cover this way is to prove the possibility of sleeping and the shading off of light at the same time, though the layers of the mattress go stronger as you get to the base.

Another beautiful feature of the cover is that it can be easily removed and washed to preserve its continuity in use.

In taking a look at the construction, we can’t push aside the layers. Recall, I said that the Casper wave mattress comprises of five different layers. So, let’s analyze the layers and their uses.

Top Layer – The top layer in the Casper wave is made up of 1″ of Casper’s original Flo foam. This substance is made to be superbly soft so as to help in reducing pressure. It is built in such a way to take away body heat from the individual(s) sleeping on it. With this achieved, it will consequently keep you in a cool atmosphere and give your body a cool touch so that you will not feel the discomfort of overheating.

Second Layer – The second layer is the next layer immediately after the first layer.  It is made up of 1.5″ of latex foam. This setup is to give you a total pressure relief. So, you are free from every form of pressure while using the mattress. As it is common to feel inconvenience and extreme difficulty in changing positions while sleeping when you use plush mattresses, the reverse is the case when you make use of this mattress. The latex foam with which this second layer is made of will make it pretty easy for anyone to move freely all around the length and breadth of this mattress without losing any bit of comfort. This is because it has the ability to relieve pressure in comparison to memory foams and better resilience. Thus, there is no restriction on your movement; so you can move freely as you want.

Third Layer – Immediately after the latex layer of this matter is the third layer. The third layer is simply made up of memory foam which is about 1.5″ in size. The essence of memory foams is that they respond very minimally and slowly to pressure. Though they are also useful in providing pressure relief, their rate of doing this is slow in comparison to latex foams. So, the combinations of these two in this Casper mattress has distinguished it from all other mattresses. The memory foam also makes it possible for your body to easily stay glued to the mattress (in a good way). Memory foams are known to cause much of body heat, but its location in the third layer in this mattress won’t pose a challenge to the user. By rightly putting this layer of foam from the top of the mattress and beneath mild layers fabricated of substances with stronger cooling tendencies by the maker, this mattress takes advantage of the pressure eliminating abilities of memory foams while ensuring the sleeper does not sleep in a hot condition.

Fourth Layer – What follows after the layer of memory foam is a layer of foam with a high resistance capacity. The fourth layer is made up of 1.5″ of resilient foam. The purpose of this layer is to give support to the sleeper and also helps to serve as a good transition pad for the more comfortable softly-made layers to the base layers that are below.

This layer of foam as well includes a polymer system that provides support and firmness in the center most parts of the mattress. The material was actually added to help in the supporting of your lower parts of the body and accumulate the heaviest parts of your body from falling too far through the comfort-providing soft layers above it. This helps in ensuring that your back is kept in an acceptable position and stop the possibility of the accumulation of pressure.

Base Layer – The fifth layer is the base layer. It is a high density of 5.5″. The foam of this base layer is built with a contouring system to provide contouring for the user. The base layer is made of a premium material which is uncommon with other mattresses and helps serves as the gridlock of the mattress. The essence of the contouring is to assist with the relief of pressure so that users can have the best of comfort and convenience while using it and most importantly when they need to change their positions.

The combination of the support of the polymer and the contouring system you get in the base layer is made in such a way so as to give the mattress a unique appearance. This is a feature that sets it apart from many other mattresses in the market. Such designs are mostly found in hybrid mattresses, you should know how much those cost by now. Casper incorporated this design into the wave mattress to provide adequate support and relieve pressure, providing the breeding ground for so many long nights of uninterrupted sleep.


Casper Firmness

People can feel the compact nature of a mattress in a different way due to varied sizes and weight distributions. Rather than just authenticating my assertion on this mattress, I decided to get the opinions of others. So, I brought in three others to give their assessment on the compactness they get while lying on the Casper Wave. This should provide you with a bigger comprehension of the nature and extent of compactness and firmness you can enjoy from the mattress. The kind of feeling you get from the firmness of this mattress will leave a memory in your life for a very long time.  The effect of the soft top layer with the support of the base layers will give you a luxurious feeling of comfort that you can only wish in other mattresses. While other mattresses will put you at the danger of sinking, the Casper mattress has got you covered as the Casper Mattress price gives you full value for your money.


When I initially lied down on the Casper Wave, I could feel the mattress doing a wonderful job of occupying the little allowance below my lower back, which is important for back sleepers like me.

There isn’t any credibility of bigger pressure while lying on my back. The Wave does a superb job of distributing my weight consistently which will ultimately result in improved comfort during sleep.


If you are going to use the mattress with a partner, you will wish to perceive what it will feel like if the added person gets into and out of bed or tosses and turns during the night. This critical analysis is accessible in knowing the exactness of the degree of motion that is apparent from one angle of the mattress to the other.

While experimenting on this, I alone shed off a 10 lb brawl from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches and got the exact measurement of the effects of this on the added angle of the mattress. This should be very obvious since the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.


sinkage test

When it comes to lying in bed, there are various options for different persons depending on their preferences on whether they would like to feel comfortable on top of the mattress or slipping into the mattress. To have a better understanding of how different parts of the human body easily sink into the Casper Wave, I decided to carry out an experiment. What I did was to use four different small balls of varying sizes and densities (a 6 lb anesthetic ball, an 8 lb anesthetic ball, a 10 lb animate ball, and a 50 lb anesthetic ball) and placed them on the mattress to know how deep they reduce the surface. The outcomes showed that the different balls with the difference in sizes, densities, and weight will give different levels of depth into the mattress and equally shows how far one will sink into the mattress.


casper amazon

If you intend to share your bed and still want to take full charge of your mattress, edge support will help you in great measure in accomplishing this goal. It is an important feature in this mattress.  Foam mattresses can attempt at times to live up to expectations in the area of edge support, but you can’t get the kind of support and stability in this kind of mattress as I felt the difference in my use of this Casper wave mattress. It outperformed my expectations and rendered me full support from the center to all other angles of the mattress. I changed positions as I wanted with full confidence that I won’t fall off the bed. No wonder the Casper wave is getting so much praise against as compared to the original Casper mattress on Amazon.

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This mattress is absolutely right for you if you fall into any of these classes:

  1. Persons who sleep in all different positions
  2. Persons on the lookout for great alignment of the spine while sleeping with your side.
  3. Persons who love a combination of softness and support in a mattress.
  4. Persons looking for great luxury
  5. Persons looking for contour and reliability

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