Chime Mattress Reviews [2021]

In this article we will be doing Chime mattress reviews – two of them to be exact!

Amid all the different qualities and brands of the mattresses, Chime mattresses offer the best solution for your sleep issues.

Chime is the mattress that arrives in the box and delivered right at your doorstep too at a dreamy price. The mattresses are compatible with beds; all bases and frames.

Review #1 - Chime by Ashley – 10-inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress – Bed in a box – California King Size – White


Why worry about your sleep when you can chime?

The Chime express King size mattress opens up the endless possibilities of restful sleep. The no-flip design of Ashley’s sleep mattresses is a big relief.

Chime introduces a heavenly balance of comfort and support to contour your body. It recharges your body for the next day.

The package arrives in a box which ensures its intact shape and hygiene. The package is quite easy to open and it does not need any assembling. Bring it in your room, remove the plastic covering and unroll. It will only take minutes to inflate and fully expands within 72 hours. Put it in on your bed and you are done. How easy it is!

Here are some of the features that goes with the mattress:

Material Quality

The innerspring and memory foam mattresses from the house of Chime is made from memory foam. The thickness of the memory foam in the mattress is 1.5-inch and the other 1.5-inch thickness is equipped by transition foam. Transition foam is known to provide additional comfort and long-lasting support.

Memory Foam

The luxurious mattress is quite firm. It is made from memory foam and contours to your body well. The support foam relieves all kinds of physical pressure. There is a special knit cover of the mattress that provides a special stretch. This envelope cover is no less than a dream as it ensures extra breathability.


The 7-inch core of the affluent mattress ensures proper alignment of your neck and back.


The dimensions of this mattress is 83.5 x 71 x 10 inches. The shipping weight of the mattress is around 75 pounds.

No Maintenance

The mattress is made up of hypoallergenic material. It keeps dust, mites, pollen, molds and pet dander away. These features make it ideal or allergy patients, kids and adults.

Direct From The Manufacturer

You don’t need to deal with any shopkeeper or dealer and buy the product on their products. You get it delivered directly from the manufacturer Ashley. They go the extra mile to pack, protect and deliver your product within the time frame.

Buy With Confidence

The mattress is designed by Ashley Furniture Industries. They are a trusted platform for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses. They offer mattresses for every taste and budget.

The Good In The Chime Mattress- Things I Like The Most

To be very honest, it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

It is hard to find words that can explain the warmth of this mattress. When the sun is up and you want some coolness, you can use sheets with higher thread count to strike a balance.

The ultra-plush mattress is a firm build and provides enough support. Great support for your neck, head and spine, the mattress contours your body well.

It is free from all kinds of allergens and is even perfect for adults who are suffering from any kind of allergy. There is no bad smell as well.

The Bad In The Mattress – Things I Don’t Like

A few people find this high-quality mattress too hard and even compare it to a hard wooden floor. Some even complained about the presence of fiberglass in the mattress.

The mattress slopes more top its sides and the firmness may cause some pain the body initially. Further, it starts sinking soon after you start using it.

The firmness and discomfort it causes may give birth to sciatica which is really dangerous.

Yes, the mattress can be returned but, it is not that easy. It may cost you a good fortune.




  • As we have already read, Chime mattress is a product from Ashley. Ashley is known for its good reputation, high-quality material and timely deliveries.

  • As compared to other online options, the price of Chime mattresses ranges from cheap to competitive. You can make the purchase without putting any kind of pressure on your pocket.

  • Memory foam is one of the best options available in the market. The foam contours to your body shape and provides enough support.

  • The mattresses are hypoallergenic and protect you against seasonal moths, dust mites, molds, pollens and pet dander.


  • These are the hardest mattress you have ever known. People sleeping on them feel like sleeping on the floor or wooden blocks. They get up with the body aches and the mattress makes them tired. However, it looks amazing, its quality is amazing, it is not something that will conform to your body.

  • The hardness of the mattress makes it uncomfortable and is known to trigger sciatica in many people. This is not for people who are already suffering from some kind of back issues.

Review #2 - Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12-inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress – Bed in a box – Queen – Firm Comfort Level – White

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12-inch-min

An ideal bed that can help you fulfill your dream of getting deep sleep without any discomfort and disturbance. The body contouring 12-inch memory foam makes you feel the luckiest person around.

But, there are a few things that you need to take care of. Never use it with a quilted mattress pad because it can change its feel. It may trap extra heat in the mattress which cannot be removed easily.

It is advised not to use any kind of dry-cleaning liquid on your mattress as the chemical may ruin the comfort and upholstery material. You should use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes. In case of stains, you can use a solution of soap and water to clean it and let it dry completely in the Sun.


The mattress is designed with different layers of memory foam and provides firm support and pressure relief. It is the ultra-plush feel and support of the foam core that lets you sleep peacefully. Take your sleep experience to a whole new level with Chime 12 inch express mattress. The mattress comes in a packed roll which can be easily unpacked. The mattress takes its shape within a minute once unpacked. It takes around 72 hours to inflate properly.

Stretch Knit Cover

The wonderful cover ensures the cleanliness and better airflow in the mattress. This mattress protector dissipates heat as well.


The 8-inch core of the mattress ensures proper alignment for your spine, neck and back.


The mattress is made up of both memory foam and transition foam. However, memory foam plays an important role in providing comfort and contouring your body. The 2-inch thick memory foam provides maximum pressure relief whereas 2-inch thick transition foam adds to the comfort and long-lasting support.


Like every other Chime product, 12-inch Chime express mattress is made up of hypoallergenic materials. It is made from materials that do not trigger any kind of allergies. It protects you from pollen's, pet danders, dust mites, pollen's and molds.


The dimensions of this queen for bed frame is 59-inch width, 79-inch depth, and 12-inch height. It weighs around 70 pounds when shipped.

Direct From Manufacures

The product will be directly delivered from the manufacturers. They will be intermediates like dealers or shopkeepers. It saves your money and ensures that your package delivers you protected and within the required timeline.

Buy With Confidence

Chime mattress is a product of Ashley Furniture Industries. The design and construction of the mattress are done under their banner and guidance. It is their trust and the vow to design the products for every budget and taste that guarantees perfection.

The Good In The Mattress - The Things I Like Most

Chime is the one mattress which seems good and fantastic as compared to others.

This is heavy bed but unboxing is as easy as the piece of cake. You can simply unwrap in and it will take the shape on its own. However, it will take a good 72 hours to inflate properly. Easy to set up, easy to expand, what else one can ask for?

The mattress foam contours to your body and provides you with enough warmth you need. The price is wonderful and you will feel no extra pressure on your budget.

The Bad In The Mattress - The Things I Don’t like

Though the quality of the mattress is good, it is too firm.

Sleeping on this mattress feels like sleeping on the floor or wooden logs. People compare it to spartan granite.

Whatever your review is, it is not easy to return this mattress. Going to a company that offers a free trial is quite better than purchasing this product.

The corners of the mattress seem unstable or defected. They don’t keep up with the shape of the rest of the mattress. It may cause cramps in your back as well.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12-inch-min


  • The perfectly thick memory foam contours to your body and help you sleep comfortably.

  • Unpacking and unwrapping this product is quite easy. You can simply open the box and you are ready to use it.

  • This is an amazing bed which hardly takes a minute to expand. You will come to know almost instantly how this bed will look like.


  • This is too hard and firm that sleeping on the mattress feels like sleeping on the floor.

  • It is hard enough to trigger your sciatica and backache.

How To Know Which Mattress Is Right For You?


Just as sleep is crucial for our body, a well-made mattress is crucial for our sleep. Only good food and exercise cannot decide the fate of your health, in order to maintain your well-being you need to sleep well.

Sleep deprivation can be hazardous to your physical fitness. It can cause a disturbance in your insulin levels, weight gain, depression, attention deficient disorder and problems with your learning skills and memory. Also, it affects your hormonal levels by increasing your hunger or lowering or appetite.

It is your mattress that ensures you get a sound sleep. If you don’t feel comfortable while you sleep, you need to look into your mattress carefully. You may need to replace your mattress if it is not providing you the right kind of support.

The ample back, neck support, and comfort are the primary things one needs. We have mentioned a few things that you should keep in mind while looking for the right mattress:

  • The material of the mattress holds the utmost importance. It is something you will stay close to for more than 8 hours each day. Go for natural materials as the airflow is better and they are good for our skin.

  • As already discussed, the ample support for the back is the first thing one should look for. Your mattress should each curvature of your spine.

  • It is important for a mattress to fit your body size. Tall people should buy a king-size mattress.

  • The different body size asks for a different kind of density and firmness. You can choose between a firm, medium or soft mattress.

  • Many companies provide free trials for at least 100 nights so that you can test the density of the mattress right at your home.


If you are a big fan of hard and firm mattresses, this is the best you can have. But, if your taste is somewhat else and you cannot bear much firmness, it will not work for you.

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