Difference between full-size mattresses with queen mattress

Most of the people are confused with different sizes of the mattress. Normally the full size and queen mattress are popular even between the middle-class people. The full-size mattress is known as the standard small size mattress after the twin size mattress.

The full-size mattress are comes at the size as 54 inches wide which is 16 inches wider than the twin size mattress. Keeping the twin size mattress as a reference the full-size mattress are pretty significant upgrade whereas the full-size mattress are used to be the famous mattress size and it has lost traction in the current years.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the queen mattress, it provides more legroom and it is little bit wider than the full-size mattress. The normal range of queen mattress is 60 inches wide and it is 6 inches wider than the full-size mattress, but it extends 5 more inches in the height of the mattress.

The full-size mattresses are referred as double beds which are little bit tinier than the queen size mattress. The major difference between the queen mattress with full-size mattress are listed as overall surface area, length, width and the capability of making a remarkable change.

Size of the mattress:

The main difference between the full-size mattress and queen mattress is dimension. When you look for the size of the mattress, full-size mattress are comes with a range of 54 * 75 inches whereas the queen size mattress are comes with a measures as 60 * 80 inches.

The difference between these two mattress is not enough to sleep comfortably for the couple on the queen size mattress, this is the reason behind most of the people choose the queen bed to sleep alone.

Best thing in buying a full-size mattress is it will give remarkable level of sleeping space without taking more space on your leaving room. Though the full-size mattresses are compact with the regular twin size mattress, it could fit within most of bedrooms comfortably. After fixing the bed also you will have the needed amount of space to utilize your room space.

Price of the mattress:

Based on the brand of the bed the price of the mattress is differing. But the full-size mattress is always cheaper than all other sizes of beds and they are absolutely fit for every aspect of the user, this is the reason behind the full-size mattress getting popular and the most regular choice of the people.

The queen size beds need larger pieces of sheeting, duvets, and comforters which are even going to jack up the price.

Extra features:

When you looking for the extra features come with the mattress, the queen size mattress is going to be a breeze as the most commonly purchased sizes of the beds. The sets are little much equally prized as the beds for the full-sized beds, even though it is little bit increase in size due to the larger dimension.

On the other hand, main feature of the full-size mattress is the size of the mattress. The larger space provided by the full-size mattress offer full comfort to its users.

Pros and cons:

Both of the full size and queen size mattress are having their own pros and cons, for example, the full-size mattress are inexpensive and they are not too heavy.

On the other hand, the queen size mattresses are not fit for the couple use but they are perfect for sleep alone.

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