How to Find Foam Covers for Mattresses

How to Find Foam Covers for Mattresses

What are Foam mattress Covers?

Foam mattress covers (also referred to as foam mattress pads) serve the purpose of adding additional comfort and softness to a mattress. The covers come in different styles; some foam covers have raised portions or extra padding near the pillow end of the bed. Some covers also double as protective covers. They come in varying sizes and thicknesses and finding one is based upon the size of your mattress and what you want in a mattress cover.

Determine the size of the bed that you have. Standard bed sizes include Twin, Double, King, and Queen sized beds. Some beds are also XL (Extra long) or California style (wider). If you do not know the standard size of your bed use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the mattress; take these measurements when shopping for the foam cover. Also consider the added thickness that a pillow top or plush top may add to the dimensions of the mattress.

Determine the type of foam cover you want to purchase. For example some foam covers are egg crate style with raised bumps in the surface. Other covers are “memory foam,” style which means the foam adjusts to the shape and contours of your body when you lay down. When you get up again the foam goes back to the original shape and form.

Determine if you need a foam pad cover that also serves as a protective cover. Often these will cover the top and sides of the mattress or even wrap around the entire mattress with foam on top for comfort with the rest of the cover protecting the mattress from spills and tears. Some of these protective mattress covers have a zipper that allow them to be zipped up and encase the entire mattress.

Go online and shop for a foam cover online. You can also visit a mattress store, furniture store that sells mattresses, or any large retail store that sells housewares such as department stores. Remember to bring your mattress size and measurements with you for easier shopping.

Remember to consider the thickness of the foam cover before purchase. The cover will add height to the mattress and a very thick foam cover could add multiple inches making it difficult to get in and out of bed for some individuals.

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