Having problems falling asleep at night? Do you get up and just can’t seem to fall back to sleep? I have been having this problem for months now no matter what I tried to do nothing has worked for me until now. A few days ago I was just socializing with one of my neighbors she was telling me ever since she was in the hospital she can’t fall back to sleep. Her doctor gave her some information on how to help her sleep better, which was eating certain foods before you go to bed. When she told me this I was very surprised by the answers, but willing to try anything at this point I really needed to get some sleep. I have been eating these foods for the past two night and I will have to say my sleep has been wonderful. Here are some very helpful foods to get you to have a full nights rest:
1. Bananas- This was a very good sleeping pill for me, since I love this fruit. Bananas contain so much magnesium and works basically like a muscle relaxer I have noticed. You will feel your muscles calm down to the point where you may fall asleep right away.

2. Oatmeal- Oats are a very rich source of sleep for you. With the amount of Niacin amide and Thiamin it contains this is a good source for your health and sleep. This is a very filling meal if taken before you go to bed.

3. Almonds- Grab a bowl of almonds about one hour before bed. Almonds contain triptophan, and magnesium which will work for you as a muscle relaxer instead of taking over the counter pills.

4. Honey- Place a spoonful of honey into your tea or warm milk. Some believe this is a myth, but it really actually works well.

5. Potato’s- Mash up some potato’s with some warm milk. This will help clear up any acids that may be interfering with your sleep.