How to clean mattress stains

Over time, your mattress can get dirty, that’s just a fact. Accidents do happen, especially if you have pets or young children around, and with time, your mattress can even develop a nasty smell. Therefore, proper maintenance can be extremely important if you want to get a good night’s sleep. In addition, this can also help you get rid of bed bugs, which are a somewhat common problem.

But just like there can be many reasons for stains on your mattress, there are also several effective solutions you can use to get rid of them. With these simple tips and methods, you can be sure you and your loved ones always get the best possible sleep. So, let’s get started.

bed bugs

What are the benefits of cleaning your mattress?

Before we start with the cleaning methods, allow us to enumerate a bunch of other benefits of mattress cleaning we haven’t mentioned in the introduction. For starters, you can count on your mattress lasting longer, which can be very significant from a financial point of view.

Furthermore, the health benefits are also important because a clean mattress means much cleaner air in the room, something that is especially important if small children are around. You can also get rid of dust mites, allergens, mold, and dead skin cells this way. Not to mention that the overall quality of your sleep will improve dramatically.

With that said, let’s get to the cleaning methods.

1. Method

Using baking soda to clean your mattress

Cleaning your mattress with baking soda is one of the most commonly used methods, but do keep in mind that this can be quite time-consuming. Still, no matter if you have an expensive mattress or a more affordable mattress, this method will help a lot.

If the stain you’re dealing with is dry, it will take baking soda at least one hour to do its thing, but if the stain is still wet, you will want to wait for it to dry completely once you apply the soda. Naturally, you should first soak up as much excess liquid as you can.

baking soda

So how does this work exactly? Well, all you have to do is sprinkle soda on the stain and that’s pretty much it. After that, just let it sit for a while. You can also mix in some fragrant oils to help mask any unpleasant smells and add that extra touch of freshness. This cleaning method is very efficient against stains and bad smells, and your whole room will be much more pleasant after you’re done.

Once everything is nice and dry and baking soda has done its thing, get your vacuum because it’s time for step two.

2. Method

Vacuuming your mattress

A vacuum cleaner can be a great tool to have when cleaning your mattress, but you have the one with a hose on it for maximum effect. Yes, it may take a while to go over the whole mattress, but it will be worth it. Not only do you get the baking soda out this way, but you also get a lot of dust out even if you didn’t use the soda. Just remember that you have to take it slow and hover above each part of the mattress for a short while to clean everything as much as possible.

It’s also great if you can use steam to refresh the mattress, and this approach works great against old stains. Plus you can easily add a fragrance of some sort. Just note that you should wait a few hours for everything to dry after steaming your mattress.

3. Method

Getting blood out of your mattress

Ladies, this one is just for you, unless we have a hitman who needs mattress advice in our audience. It’s not uncommon for women to bleed a lot during that time of the month, and this can sometimes reach the mattress and leave stains on it.

There’s a very simple way to deal with that, and that’s by using hydrogen peroxide. It will remove all the blood, and you can easily get it in your regular supermarket. Just spill a small amount on the stain and you will see the liquid bubbling away. Then use a damp cloth to wipe everything off.

Oxygen-based detergents also work very well here.

4. Method

Laundry detergent and vinegar – excellent for urine stains

If somebody has this kind of accident on your mattress, don’t panic. First, find something to soak the urine in as much as you can. Next, combine a few teaspoons of your regular laundry detergent with some warm water (about a cup will do), stir the mixture a bit, and apply to the stain. This will prevent that nasty smell from sticking to your mattress.

Should you just happen to be out of laundry detergent, a mixture of vinegar and water (equal parts) will have the same effect. It may not smell as good but it’s certainly better than urine. And if you have a spray bottle somewhere, you can use that to apply the solution.


Removing stains from your mattress really isn’t a difficult job. In fact, you can achieve fantastic results with things you likely have in your kitchen cupboard. Baking soda, vinegar, or even laundry detergent can all be powerful tools for this. And you can get a bit creative in some cases and add a bit of your favorite essential oil to make everything smell nice.

Doing this on a regular basis can significantly improve your quality of living. Not only will your mattress be cleaner, but it will also last longer, and the air you breathe in will be lighter. Generally, the whole atmosphere in your room will be much more pleasant, and the quality of your sleep will be so much better. The risk of sleep deprivation will be non-existent!

Even a simple act of vacuuming can go a long way in removing dust and all those pesky dust-related problems from your mattress. When you think about it, none of these methods require a whole lot of effort, and the only thing to be mindful of is the time it will need for your mattress to dry.

So just set a few minutes aside every now and again, and provide your family with better sleep.