IKEA Hövåg mattress review

Over the last few years, IKEA’s Hövåg mattress has become quite popular among people looking to improve their sleeping conditions. There are plenty of reasons for that, but we’d argue that the chief among them is the product’s exceptionally low price when compared to its competition. 

However, this mattress has plenty more features that you could be interested to know if you’re in the market for something like this. We will explain everything in the rest of this IKEA Hövåg mattress review, so read on and see if this is what you need on your bed.

IKEA Hövåg mattress basic features

IKEA Hövåg mattress is a mattress with pocket springs in it, and the springs are made of steel. They are divided into two layers, which comes to about 8 inches of thickness, with spring density standing at 190 springs per square meter. 

Above that, you also get a cover that is predominantly made of polyester, but with quite a fair bit of cotton in it, too. Polyurethane foam is the comfort material, and the recommended method of cleaning the mattress is by using some sort of furniture shampoo.

So, while the idea of sleeping on a spring mattress isn’t as modern as, let’s say, a memory-foam mattress, the added layer of foam helps a lot to provide a more comfortable experience. The end result is a product for which many say that it has helped them deal with their back pain.

IKEA Hövåg mattress firmness

That last part in the previous paragraph may have something to do with the firmness. If you’ve done your homework, you know that there are various levels of firmness a mattress can have, with each level being best suited for a particular body type.

IKEA Hövåg mattress comes in two versions: medium-firm and firm. Now, this means that the people of a smaller frame may not enjoy it much, since this level of firmness is better geared towards bulkier people. 

That being said, many people have reported the mattress to be slightly softer than expected, a fact that may be worth considering when making your decision, especially if you’re not sure about which category you belong to. Many buyers have reported that they are more satisfied with the firmer version as it delivers what they expect more often.

This level of firmness also means that the sleepers who prefer sleeping on their back or on their stomach will be much more comfortable here than those who like to sleep on their sides.

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The main advantages of IKEA Hövåg mattresses

So what are the main advantages of a mattress like this? Well, like we said in the introduction, the main advantage is the price. While the amount you have to pay will vary depending on the size you choose, every version’s price will be significantly lower than usual. For example, should you opt for the mattress that is 140×200 cm, it will only cost you 199 GBP. The Standard Super King version will set you back 279 GBP, whereas the cheapest Standard Single at 129 GBP.

So, if you need a new mattress quickly and can’t afford to spend much, this is the perfect solution, and the same goes if you have a guest room or a children’s room that needs a bit of freshening up.

It should also be noted that the mattress is quite elastic, and because it is a spring mattress, this product is generally more suited for those who want a cooler sleeping environment.

You also have a trial period that lasts you 90 days during which you can exchange the mattress for another one if you’re not satisfied. Furthermore, IKEA attaches a 25-year warranty on all of its mattresses.

The biggest problems with IKEA Hövåg mattress

The main aspect in which IKEA Hövåg mattress lags behind is its durability. Now, this is not very shocking given the difference in prices, but it needs to be said that you can count on these things to only last you a few years. This a mattress that is meant to be used on your spare bed, not on the bed in your master bedroom. If you’re planning on using it occasionally, it will serve you just fine.

Another consequence of such a low price is the fact that the quality of the materials used for this product leaves something to be desired. Not a big drawback, for sure, but the difference is palpable.

Furthermore, the mattress cover cannot be removed and washed separately, which makes maintenance a bit more difficult.

And, while it may not matter much when comparing this with the price tag of other mattresses, it needs to be mentioned that IKEA will charge you for delivery, which ups the total price slightly.


In conclusion, we can say that IKEA Hövåg mattress does what it sets out to do just fine. It is designed to be an affordable, easy solution for those who are looking for a mattress that will not be used every single night on one of the main beds, and it fulfils that role perfectly.

Once again, this is a pocket spring mattress with a foam layer on top of it all that is on the firmer side of the spectrum.

The price is its main strength, but Hövåg is also pretty elastic and well suited for people of bigger stature. It’s not as durable as some other products you can find out there, but you’ll be happy to know that IKEA attaches a rock-solid guarantee to it.

In short, if you’ve already taken care of the main bedroom(s) and are looking for something that won’t have to take so much strain when it comes to use, IKEA’s Hövåg is an excellent choice.