Ikea Mattress Protector Review (2021)

Ikea Mattress Protector Review

In today’s post, we will talk about how I discovered the Ikea mattress protector and why it is very good.

We all need a good sleep because it always keeps us fresh and health. If you have a good night sleep, be assured that your next day is going to be rocking and full of energy and stamina.

I am a hardcore sleeper and can sleep anywhere and anytime but this is not the case with my wife.

I just need a bed to sleep but my wife is very particular about where she sleeps. She is very particular about the mattress we use and changes it frequently when she feels that the mattress is not giving her the comfort she wants.

Mattresses are something that is made to keep you comfortable, warm and cosy while you are asleep.

If your mattress is good, you will wake up happy, satisfied and fresh but if it is old or not good, you will end up having back pain and several other diseases related to posture and neck.

This is the reason my wife always makes sure that her mattress is the best.

What Is A Mattress Protector?

What is a Mattress Protector?

As the name suggests, a mattress protector is removable bedding that sits on the top of your mattress and protects it from wear and tear.

Premium mattresses nowadays are very costly and range from $800 to $1500 and it becomes extremely important only to save them but to protect them as well.

After spending so much money for a premium quality mattress, if you do not protect it, all your money will go in vain.

It is like purchasing a costly car and avoiding the cover. An extra layer of protection on your mattress is always required to make it durable.

Need For The Mattress Protector

As I have told you that mattress protectors are an extra layer of bedding on your mattress to protect them from wear and tear, we must specifically understand the type of wear and tear.

Some people have a very bad habit of eating on their bed and when you eat on your bed, there are many chances that food will fall on your bed. If oil falls on your mattress, the stain will never go as you cannot wash your mattress like you wash your clothes.

People who have toddlers at home, tend to wet the bed many times in a day. No matter how much you protect your bed from toddlers, they will surely wet the bed twice or thrice a day.

When this happens on a regular basis, the mattress starts lose its longevity and cushion as the sponges inside becomes hard your mattress eventually remains of no use.

If you have a mattress protector on your bed, every damage will be done to the protector and your mattress will be safe.

The mattress protector also protects your mattress from being torn by the pointed objects.

Many times, it so happens that kids or babies use pointed objects on the bed and play with it which damages the mattress very much and there is hardly any chance of repairs.

This is where the mattress protector saves the life of the costly mattress on your bed.

Some premium mattress protectors not only protect your mattress but also provide protection to the person sleeping on them.

The protectors protect your body from allergies, bed-bugs, dust mites and dead cell skins and keep your body comfortable throughout the sleep.

Also because of this, your bed becomes absolutely safe for the newborns as their skins are very delicate and prone to allergies and infections.

In some cases, if you have purchased a cheap mattress which is not of the premium quality, you can purchase a premium quality mattress protector that will not only protect your mattress but the special layers of foam and sponges used will give your body the comfort you require.

Some mattress protectors are designed in such a way that they are very helpful in relieving your body from stress and back pains.

These mattresses have a special pressure adjusting points that divide the weight of your body equally on every point and thus provides relaxed and sound sleep.

My Discovery Of The Ikea Mattress Protector

My research for a Mattress Protector

I had no clue what mattress protectors were until one day my son spewed coffee on the mattress and there was no bed sheet on it.

As soon as the coffee fell on the mattress, the brown stain occurred and was quite visible. My wife tried everything to remove that coffee stain but since it was a hot coffee, the part of the mattress got hard and rough and also it was on the middle of the mattress, I could feel it while I used to sleep.

We had purchased a very costly mattress and the stain and the rough patch was something which was bothering both of us.

While we were searching for something to protect our mattress, one of our relatives visited our house and saw the patch. He immediately suggested a mattress protector and told us the benefits of it.

This was something both of us never heard but the idea was quite impressive.

Also, he told a few brands who made mattress protectors but the one he was using was Ikea lenast mattress protector.

Since this was a new thing for me, I started searching for the mattress protectors because I believe that if you are spending money on something, be assured about what you are buying with proper research.

My wife wanted to buy it immediately but I was adamant to do proper research before buying.

My research started on the internet as nowadays, everything is available online. I wanted to buy the product online as it becomes easy to shop sitting at your home or office rather than visiting different stores.

Also, you get good discounts on shopping sites as compared to stores.

I searched on Google for the best mattress protectors and browsed several websites to finally come to a conclusion that the Ikea mattress protector was the one I wanted to buy.

Since 2 of my friends and 1 of my wife’s relatives had already recommended me Ikea protector and I could hardly see any negative comments about it on online forums as well, I was pretty sure that this was the one for our mattress.

Ikea Website

If you are planning to buy a product online, make sure to check out its official website before going anywhere else.

Official websites are always genuine and offer you the best price. Also, there would be no warranty issues whatsoever if you buy a product from its official website.

Keeping this in mind, I searched and browsed through the official Ikea site where the product name was Gokart. I was confused until I came to know that Ikea is the generic brand which makes different products with different names and the mattress protector it makes comes with the name of Gokart mattress protector.

Ikea is a famous brand in the USA and other parts of the world and as expected, its website was filled with a lot of information.

All the products Ikea makes were listed on the website with in-depth information and prices. If you have no idea what Ikea makes, which is very unlikely, just visit their website and you will get to know that they are the giant in this mattress business.

One of the best things I liked about their website is that you can order whatever you want from their website and you do not have to visit their store. Every deals and discount will be reflected there and the pictures attached to the products are descriptive enough to give all the information you need on that particular product.

I am a frequent buyer on Amazon but since there was an option to buy from the official website only, I decided to purchase it from website only. But, I very well knew that if I wanted to see some of the most genuine reviews on the product, that place was Amazon.

When I searched for the mattress protector by Ikea on Amazon luckily it was available there.

When I browsed further to check the reviews, hardly anybody wrote bad reviews about it. The whole comment box was full of praises which made me realize that I was doing the right thing to purchase this mattress protector.

Ikea Lenast

As I have already discussed above that out of all the mattress protectors I saw on the internet, I loved the lenast mattress protector.

Ikea lenast mattress protector stands apart from all its competitors in terms of price, quality, and durability. Ikea Lenast mattresses are specially designed for people who have babies in their homes.

The soft fabric of the protector helps your baby to breathe even if their face is against the protector. Also, the protector remains dry throughout the day all thanks to its moisture drying capabilities.

Some of the basic yet important specifications are being listed down. Though you can see all of the specifications on their website as well I am simplifying each of them to make you understand things better:

  • Like most other mattress protectors, this protector as well protects your mattress from dirt, accidents and spills and keeps your mattress clean and dry.

  • Air circulation increases due to the mesh top of the mattress protector which keeps your body free from sweat and moisture and gives you a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

  • The mesh is made up of 100% polyester which is a durable material that keeps you healthy and away from allergies and other harmful substances.

  • Ikea waterproof mattress protector keeps your mattress protected from water and other liquids thus enhance its life and make it durable.

  • One of the best things I liked about this mattress protector is it is machine washable at 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and you can purchase it according to the size of your mattress.

  • It is recommended for all age groups from a toddler to an adult.

My Personal Experience

I have a queen size bed in my bedroom and use a queen size mattress on it so I decided to purchase a queen size mattress protector. I purchased it from the official Ikea website and it was delivered on the same day from their local store.

The first look of the mattress protector was just eye-catching. Soft, white, and comfortable. The person who came for the delivery fixed the protector on our mattress and left. The fabric was thick yet very soft and comfortable and I could see that my mattress will be protected for sure.

I have been using the Ikea protector from last 6 months now and I have purchased one more for my other bedroom.

It is washable and dries quickly which makes it reusable and you can use it as many times as you want and the cloth does not shrink or stretches at all. Although minor shrinks can be expected but can be ignored.

When I checked my mattress after 3 months by removing the protector, it looked absolutely clean and free of dirt and patches as everything spill and stains were taken by the protector. It is totally value for money.


When it comes to price, Ikea Lenast mattress is very much affordable and anybody can buy it.

The white colored protector with dimensions are:

  • Length: 52 ” / 132 cm, Width: 27 1/2 ” / 70 cm costs $9.99 .

The price may vary based on sites, season and offers.

The delivery charges vary as per the store location you select. There is an option in the website to select the location of the store nearest to your residence and based on that, you will be charged the delivery. The minimum delivery charge starts at $9.99 and will increase based on your location.

Mattress protectors are small investments yet very important ones. Only an investment of 20 odd dollars can protect your $1200 mattress for a long time.

While there are hundreds of brands available in the market for the mattress protectors, I have been using the mattress protector by Ikea from a long time now and I am absolutely satisfied in terms of money and quality.

If you are planning to buy one for yourself, you can blindly go for Ikea and rest assured, you will not regret at all.

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