Molblly Memory Foam Mattress Review

Thinking about buying a new mattress can be stressful, but sometimes you need to take your time and get to know all the products available, so you can make an informed decision.

It’s time to pay attention to the importance of a good night’s sleep

Whether you have a pain in your neck, or you simply have trouble falling asleep, a quality mattress should be able to fix it for you. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be the reason that makes you experience those things.

So, the solution may be right around the corner. 

If you’re exploring the Molblly Memory Foam Mattress, you could be on the right track. It is a ventilated gel memory foam mattress that keeps you cool during the night, as it has a breathable cover.

This is a high-quality mattress, so let’s take a closer look at the specifications and details.

molblly memory foam mattress review

The design

Molblly mattress consists of 4 individual layers and is a medium-thick mattress.

The cover of the mattress is breathable, soft, removable and hypoallergenic, which reduces the chance of having an allergic reaction. As it is removable, you can easily wash it or clean it.

The comfort layer of this mattress adjusts to your body shape which helps to relieve the tension and keeps you comfortable. Its 3-inches get-infused memory foam adapts to your body.

Beneath the memory foam, there’s a 2-inches foam for resistance and bounce. Overall, these layers feel extremely comfortable for anyone, from skinny and average bodies to athletes and heavier people.

There are also the support layers that make sure you don’t sink too far into the mattress, giving your spine support at the same time.

The performance

Probably the best thing about the Molblly mattress is the memory foam and the comfort layer. With this mattress, you can finally stay calm, cool and relax all night long.

The Molblly mattress is also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for sensitive skin types and people with respiratory allergies.

The firmness is medium-soft. This means that, for ‘’average’’ body weight, you’ll instantly feel the softness. Then, with time, you’ll start to feel an underlying level of firmness as the foam adjusts to your body. It will stop you from sinking too far into the mattress.

As this is a very adjustable mattress, the feeling of sleeping on it can differ between different body types. The factor that also plays an important role in the experience is the sleeping position.

molblly memory foam mattress

What can you expect from the Molblly mattress?

The most important thing you can expect from this mattress is pressure relief and extreme comfort. It will feel like you’re hugging your bed. 

On the other hand, the biggest concern people have when they are buying a new mattress is the support for their body weight. Well, this is a legitimate concern, given the fact that too soft upper layers can feel too bouncy. 

However, this mattress is a great deal for anyone who weighs up to 200lbs approximately.

Another thing that you could be interested in is moving around during the night. Because this mattress has a memory foam layer on top, it will have a slower recovery time compared to a mattress that has a memory foam layer beneath, such as the Casper Hybrid mattress.

molblly memory foam mattress

Queen Mattress, Molblly 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US Bed Mattress in a Box for Sleep Cooler & Pressure Relief, Queen Size

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand: Molblly
  • Construction Type: Foam Construction
  • Item Firmness: Medium
  • Item Weight: 69.8 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions:80 x 60 x 12 inches


This mattress is perfect if you have a problem with allergies or you have a sensitive skin type and irritations.

The cover is hypoallergenic, which helps to minimize the chance of reacting with the materials. It means you won’t get your lungs filled with pollen or dust mites.

No sweat and great temperature regulation

Compared to other memory foam mattresses, the Molblly mattress has features that can regulate your body’s temperature and keep you cool. 

The biggest reason behind it is the cooling gel, infused into the memory foam and enhanced by the breathable top cover. 

However, if you are a very hot sleeper, you can still expect some problems in that area, especially if you’re not using cooling bed sheets. 

Pain management

The comfort layer of this mattress allows you to get rid of the numbness or tingling and helps to remove pressure points.  

This way, the pain associated with arthritis and similar conditions can be reduced, as the foam of the mattress adjusts to your body

Of course, if you have a serious health condition, make sure you talk to your doctor before buying a mattress.

Cleaning the mattress

As the mattress has a removable cover, it can easily be washed and cleaned. This way it makes cleaning the mattress the simplest job ever. 


Overall, the value of the Molblly mattress for the price is very good and you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money, even though in this price range you might prefer some other mattress, such as Novilla mattress.

The only disadvantages are switching positions during the night and the weight limit above which it won’t be as comfortable as it could be.

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