How Much Bigger is a Queen Bed Mattress than a Full?

Are you confused about buying a new bed mattress? The simple way to find a solution for your confusion is to choose any one mattress from the full-size mattress or queen size mattress. But before that, you need to know the measurements and use of these two types of mattress.

Most of the people are think that the size of the mattress does not take a role in the comfortableness provided by the bed mattress, which is totally wrong. While choosing a bed mattress the size of the mattress gets high priority.

On the other words, the size of the bed mattress only changes the name of it. For example, the queen mattresses have measures as 60 inches wide and 80 inches long and the full-size bed mattress has the measure as 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

The difference of these bed mattresses is only 5 inches in length which should but be easily shrugged off. The most average height of the sleepers is the difference between the user’s feet hanging off the bed.

Other than those 6 extra inches is added with the queen size bed mattress and it must fit for any adult couple who sleeps together.

It is suggested to buy a queen size bed mattress than the full-size mattress to get more comfortable sleeping experience. If you are choosing the average size of the bed mattress, normally it gets a measure as 28 inches * 52 inches.

While choosing the full-size mattress you should notice that the height of the bed is little bit extra than the baby bed, but the queen mattress size is larger than the full-size mattress. The biggest problems with the full-size mattress are it can be limited with the selection in sheets, comforters, and other linens.

The queen size beds are considered as the most popular mattress size in the point of adults’ growth. So that most of the people will find the best selection of bedding for the mattress due to the mfg will market to the masses.

The headboards are the other common thing which is sold with both queen size mattress and full-size mattress that taking up less cargo space in shipping the containers. The combination of headboards will attach to the both size mattress.

Most of the people look great however if you are limited on the space to the headboards which is 60 inches wide and making it tough to fit into the bedrooms which can only accommodate a 54-inch wide full bed mattress.

The full-size bed mattress with the headboards and footboards are rare to use in the present days. The queen size mattress are normally utilize the full size of the conversion steel rails which permitting the use if a full-sized mattress with a sets for people who do not want to buy a new mattress.

There are several reasons to buy a full-size mattress which are listed as,

  • The full-size mattress are used as great space savers,
  • They are best to use for the teenagers,
  • The cost of the full-size matters are little bit higher than the queen size mattress,
  • The bedding cost of the mattress is less than the full-size


As a conclusion of this article, the size of the queen bed mattress is comparatively high than the full-size bed mattress, but the cost of the full-size bed mattress is less than the queen size bed mattress.

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