MyPillow Premium Pillows Review

Well-known brand in the world of pillows because of their unique radio and TV commercials, MyPillow brand, has various products waiting for their customers to try out. 

Not only do they make pillows, but are also very popular for their mattresses, bed sheets and mattress toppers.

One of those products is their MyPillow Premium, a pillow everyone is talking about.

You may already know about this pillow, but now it’s time to see if it’s worth the hype and if this brand is more suitable for you than others, such as Serta or Purple Innovation.

Read the review and find out everything you need to know about this pillow in order to decide whether or not you should buy it.

mypillow premium pillows

MyPillow Premium Features

Even though the MyPillow brand has many pillows you can choose from, we’re going to focus on their Premium white pillow

This is a medium-firm pillow that comes in two sizes – Standard and King. It’s made of 100% cotton and filled with memory foam.

If you want to purchase it online, you’ll get to choose the size and your preferred fill level. 

When deciding which level of firmness is right for you, a colour palette may help you as they used it to indicate firmness. 

That way you get to pick between the least firm pillow (yellow), to most firm (blue). In between, there are white and green marked pillows for medium firmness.

MyPillow Premium is also machine washable, which makes it very easy to maintain. 

It’s made in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Finally, the price for this pillow is around $59,99 for Standard and $69,99 for King.

How to choose the right firmness?

When you’re ordering this pillow online, you’ll see a guide with questions. Based on your answers, the guide makes a recommendation so that you can pick the right fill level.

It’s a colour-coded system, which means they used colours to indicate the pillow’s firmness. 

That’s why you’ll see that a yellow pillow is recommended for children, as it’s the smallest and softest. 

The medium fill is white, while green offers more fill. Finally, blue is the most firm. 

Also, for anyone who usually sleeps on a feather or down pillow, it is recommended to reduce it by one level of support. 

mypillow premium pillows right firmness


Pillow care instructions come in the packaging. You can also find them on the tag of the pillow to make it easier for you.

Cleaning stains on mattresses and pillows can be tricky. However, taking care of the MyPillow Premium includes only cold or warm water and a regular wash cycle. 

If you have an extra spin cycle on your washer, it will lessen the drying time of the pillow.

It’s recommended to wash the pillow every 4 months.

Pros and cons

Now, let’s look at the good and the bad objectively.

Some of the biggest benefits of the MyPillow Premium are:

  • breathable
  • easy to clean
  • memory foam
  • different firmness levels with a guide to help you choose the level for you
  • often on sale

On the other hand, these are some of its cons:

  • a little overpriced for its value 
  • it needs to be fluffed often
  • lumpy filling
mypillow premium pillows

MyPillow Premium Series

  • Size: Standard/Queen Premium Pillow
  • Brand: MyPillow
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 27.95 x 5.12 inches

Sleeping positions for the MyPillow Premium

The best sleeping positions for the MyPillow are on the back or the side. However, it depends on the firmness of the pillow, also. 

To be exact, a medium-firm MyPillow (white) is probably the most suitable for a back sleeper

If you’re a side sleeper, you might consider buying a more firm option, such as blue or green


The MyPillow Premium pillow has some great qualities, but may be overpriced for its value. One of the best things is that you can choose the level of firmness and you can easily wash it whenever needed.

Even though the price is around $69,99, it’s often on sale, which means you can buy it for less than $49.

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