Serta Stay Cool Pillow Review

Have you ever noticed you had enough hours of sleep but you’re still feeling tired, frustrated and moody

Well, that’s probably because the mattress and the pillow you’re sleeping on are more important than the number of hours you spend ‘’sleeping’’. 

If you’re struggling with this, you should consider buying a new pillow for a start. Believe it or not, it can literally transform your sleep and you can get rid of sleep deprivation.

Now, it’s time to see what is currently on the market and what benefits products have.  To keep it simple and to make it as easy as it gets, Serta Stay Cool Pillow may be all you need to consider. 

Let’s see what are the benefits of the Serta Stay Cool Pillow and how it can help you sleep and feel better throughout the day. 

serta stay cool gel memory foam pillow with women

Serta Stay Cool Pillow - what kind of pillow is it?

This pillow is made from memory foam material – supportive, soft, comfy and strong material with a constant cool cover. 

As soon as your head touches the pillow, you’ll feel the cooling effect, which won’t disappear.

Its softness and smoothness maintain an optimum sleep atmosphere, keeping your temperature at a comfortable level all night long. This is why this pillow is more expensive than some others on the market but is definitely worth every penny.

For example, bamboo pillows are currently market leaders for their cooling technology, but often fail to maintain the effect at the promised level, which is not the case with Serta Stay Cool Pillow. 

It really does what it says on the package.

serta stay cool gel memory foam pillow

Serta Stay Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand:  Serta
  • Fill Material: Memory Foam
  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Item Firmness Description: Plush

Specifications and benefits of Serta Stay Cool Pillow

One of the most important things, when you’re looking to buy a new pillow, is its size and height. Too high, too big, too low or too small pillows can be harmful to your neck, head, back and spine. 

It’s because they are throwing your back and spine out of alignment, which builds up the pain and pressure.

The Serta Stay Cool Pillow’s dimensions are 15’’ x 20’’ x 5’’ – if you don’t understand the dimensions and what they should look like, these are desirable-sized pillows that offer your body a healthy position. 

Your back, shoulders and head will also be supported by the pillow’s medium firm memory foam. Its shape adjusts to the contours of your head, giving you extra support and comfort. 

Another personalized feature, made for even better support, is Serta Stay Cool Pillow’s contoured design, which ensures you’re getting the most suitable support. 

With this design, you can choose the edge you want to sleep on – it has a lower and higher edge, so you can sleep on the one that is more suitable for your body shape and preference.

And that’s just beginning.

This pillow has a constant cool cover, because of which it stays cool no matter what. It also helps to draw the heat and the moisture away from your head. The result is a sweat-free night.

Finally, because of all these features, the pillow reduces pain and pressure in your body. That way you will wake up feeling fresh and rested, without aching back, neck and shoulders.

serta stay cool gel memory foam pillow

Before buying the Serta Stay Cool Pillow

This pillow is perfect for anyone who gets tired and doesn’t sleep much during the night. Also, it’s ideal for reducing the pain and pressure in your head, neck and spine. 

It keeps you cool, supported and comfortable.

On the other hand, this pillow may not be the one for you if you get cold during the night

Also, it has medium firmness and is not super soft, which means it’s not good for you if you want an extra bouncy and soft pillow.

So, before buying the Serta Stay Cool Pillow, keep in mind its medium firmness, lightweight, coolness and pain relief.

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