Texas Mattress Makers Review

Nobody of us wants to compromise with our sleep as all of want a sound and a comfortable sleep. If you sleep in peace, you will always wake up healthy. We all are sleepy most of the time and love sleeping but situations don’t allow it everytime. I am somebody who loves to sleep but can’t sleep unless my bed is comfortable. I never compromise with my mattress and my bed as both are very important for me. Whenever I check in to a hotel, I always make sure that my bed is comfortable and the mattress put on it is one of the best in quality. When it comes to sleeping and comfort, my better half, my wife has exactly the same priorities as I have.

I and my wife both are working professionals and after a long and hectic day at work, we both need a good sleep. If we could not sleep properly somehow, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on work the next day. For both of us, the mattress plays an important role in comfortable sleep. Different people have different sleeping positions and body postures and it is very important for the mattress to adjust your body accordingly. A substandard mattress might give you a back pain for life and few other body ailments which are very difficult to treat so always choose your mattress properly.


How did my search begin

I had been using my old mattress for the last 10 years and desperately wanted to change it as the spring and the cushion, both were not functioning as it used to. I am a casual buyer even when it comes to buying expensive things and do not believe in too much research but on the other hand, my wife is the one who is a thorough researcher and believes in doing research for everything she or we buy.

We already had a plan to buy a new mattress and she contacted some of our relatives who purchased a mattress recently. Everybody invited us to their home to personally visit and have a look at the mattress they purchased. We personally visited every relative and friend and carefully examined the mattresses. Different people had a different opinions on the size, brand and the price of the mattresses and it was very difficult for us to form an opinion based on that. One name that we frequently heard during those visits was the Texas Mattress. Different people had different mattress in their homes but people who had Texas Mattress seemed to be the most satisfied people out of the people who were using other brands. With one or two other names in my mind including the Texas Mattress, we came back home.


Online research

I am not a researcher on the field but I am a tech-savvy and love to search for things on the internet. Texas Mattress was the name which was revolving around my head as I heard very good things about the mattress. Some of my relatives were using it since quite a long and were totally satisfied. Keeping those things in mind, I started searching for the Texas Mattress online.

I am a regular buyer on Amazon shopping website so decided to start my search on Amazon as they give amazing discounts and deals in almost all the products. From small things to bigger and costlier things in my house, I have always purchased everything from this amazing site. I opened the website and searched for Texas mattress but it did not show any result. I was hugely disappointed as there was no seller in Amazon who sold Texas Mattress and it was very sad for both me and my wife as we both wanted to buy it from Amazon.

   When I got to know that the mattress was not available on Amazon, I did a google search for the Texas mattress. There were hundreds of websites that contained information about the mattress but I decided to visit the official website of the mattress as I knew that all the information I wanted would be available in the official website only.


Texas Mattress official website

Texas Mattress Review Online

As expected, when I logged in to the official website of the Texas Mattress, it was full of information. Each and every tiny detail about the mattress was explained in detail with pictures which were extremely helpful specially to people who were the first time buyers of the mattress. The website has an option to change the language as well and the other language it supports is Spanish. So, if you are from Spain and interested to browse the website of the Texas Mattress, you will feel special to see the site in the Spanish language. As far as this website is concerned, I have not seen such an organized and structured website with so much of information ever.

Since, the website I visited was the official Texas Mattress website, buying it from the website or the store would have not made any difference to me unless the store or the website offered special discounts on their respective fields. The site had an option to add the items I wanted to purchase in the cart. Other than the mattresses, the website had many other items made by the company for sale. Other products included Springs, different types of Adjustable foundations and different dimensions of bed frames.


Types of Texas Mattresses

Although most of the things I am going to mention in this section are available in the website of the Texas Mattress Makers official website, I will try to explain everything in a simplified manner so that you do not have to visit the store or the website only to understand different features and variants of the mattress. There are basically three variants of the Texas Mattress and all the three have different prices and specifications and you have to decide which suits the best to your budget and comfort. The store manager will explain the same things to you as I will explain below but probably in a more complicated way. Let’s discuss the three variants in detail.



Amsterdam Deluxe Mattress

Amsterdam Deluxe Mattress


The Amsterdam Deluxe Mattress is not the most comfortable mattress but considerably better if you keep in mind its price. This mattress is suggested for kids and teenagers as it is not very soft and is better for their posture. Also, this is recommended for the guests who visit your house and want to stay for 2-3 nights. You can easily put this mattress on the bed of your guest room and your guest will have a nice and comfortable sleep on this mattress. Also, your children and teens will have a comfortable sleep and you can put this on their bed.

It is a medium firm mattress which makes it suitable for people who like mid level mattresses. The way this variant is designed, gives an optimal support to the back and neck and gives a nice and peaceful sleep whether its for a short nap or a full 8 hours sleep. The outer walls of the mattress are made with a high-density foam which makes it extremely comfortable to sit on the edges as compared to other very soft mattress where you can easily slip and fall down if you sit on the edges by mistake. One of my wife’s cousins had this mattress in their guest room and I have personally used it and found it very good and comfortable.

The 12 inches thick mattress has a pocketed coil system and stabilizing foam support for utmost comfort and satisfaction which makes it a popular variant to buy.



Monte Carlo Deluxe Mattress

Monte Carlo Deluxe Mattress



Monte Carlo Deluxe Mattress is the best variant out of the three variants and is probably the best mattress in the USA. This mattress is surely on the higher side when it comes to the price, but every penny you spend on this will worth. My friends had been using the same variant since quite a long time and when I saw the specifications of it on the website, I was almost 100% sure that I was going to buy the same variant.

This mattress is 14 inches thick and engineered with a pocketed coil spring system. This system adjusts the pressure points of your body very well and you can actually feel it on your body while you are having a sleep on this. There is a supportive comfort foam layer on the top which gives it an extra layer of support and comfort. Also, the comfort quilted Euro top layer is specially designed for this variant and provides excellent support to your back.

This mattress is a top seller and trust me, it deserves to be a top seller as it has everything you need in a mattress. No matter if you sleep on your stomach or on your side, this mattress adjusts your body in all the positions. It comes well within the budget and if I can afford it, I am sure you can do too. The springs that are fitted inside makes the mattress very durable and the firmness of the mattress does not fade with time and you enjoy a great sleep for longer years.



London Euro Top Deluxe Mattress

London Euro Top Deluxe Mattress


This variant of mattress is the most high-end one and is also the most luxurious one as compared to previous others. The technology used in Monte Carlo and Amsterdam mattress is combined and infused in the London mattress to give you the most comfortable sleep of your lifetime. These high-end mattresses are perfect for hotels where people expect spongy and soft mattresses.

Like the other two variants, London Mattress has the pocketed coil system as well as the memory foam layer for higher durability and comfort but it has something which the other two doesn’t. The Graphite Infused Latex used in the London mattress has huge benefits and is one of its kind technology which is used in this variant. This technology does not make the mattress durable, but the graphite used wicks moisture away from your body. It also absorbs the heat released from the body and makes the mattress cooler which ensures comfort and satisfaction.

This mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions and is the costliest of all variants for obvious reasons. Since I have already told you that this mattress is best for business purposes so it is widely used in hotel industries and only a few people purchase it for personal use.


My Personal Experience on the mattress

2 weeks ago we bought this mattress for our King size bed and it is truly heavenly. We are simply in love with this and you will feel refreshed after a good sleep on this mattress and also aches and pains are gone permanently. I have 2 bedrooms in my home and after having a wonderful experience with the team I had bought the mattress for both the rooms from the Texas mattress.

       This bed is an everyday sleeper, it’s affordable price and good quality of components makes it a good deal. If you love to sleep on your stomach or on your side and are looking for a mattress that makes you feel like a cloud this mattress is a perfect choice. This luxury mattress has enhanced its strength and stability to provide the best night sleep. I am extremely happy with the service provided by them and with the quality of the product delivered by them. When other mattress makers have not kept their words this Texas mattress maker has matched their quotes.

          The staff is also very helpful, patient and very professional. The prices are unbelievable and a huge range of mattress is available from which you can make your choice. I will never stop anywhere else for purchasing mattress because Texas mattress makers are the best makers.  As there is no other quality of mattress like it because it has a great quality of comfort, durability and sleep.


Price range

As we have already discussed the three variants of the mattress, we very well know that the prices for all the three variants differ based on the size and quality. Since I purchased a king size for both my bedrooms, I will be giving the price details of all the texas mattress makers prices of the king size.

In case of Amsterdam Deluxe Mattress, if you are purchasing the mattress only of king size, it will cost you $499 which is quite cheap as compared to other mattresses of the same quality available in the market.

If you are purchasing the Monte Carlo Deluxe mattress only of the King size, it will cost you $799 and this is the same mattress which I have purchased for myself. The price is surely more than the Amsterdam mattress but this variant is the top seller in the mattress market as it is one of the best mattress available in this price range.

If you are purchasing London Euro Top Deluxe Mattress, you have to spend some more bucks and it might go beyond your budget as it costs $1204 which is very costly. This is the reason this mattress is used for business purposes as it is a high-end mattress excellent for hotel guests and visitors.


Note: The prices of the mattresses varies with time as and when discounts are offered by the brand



Affordable Price and quality are not the only two reasons I purchased the mattress, Texas mattress makers warranty policies are excellent and customer friendly as well. As getting used to new things takes time, if, for some reasons you find the mattress not the way you expected it to be or have some issues regarding the comfort, there is a period of 30 nights given by the brand in which you can sleep and adjust yourself. If not, you can call the brand and ask the experts to come and solve your issues within nights. If there are any price adjustments, they will be taking care, at that time.


Refund Policy

Texas Mattress makers are bound to customer satisfaction and value their money and time as this has been my personal experience. If for some reason, you are still not satisfied with the product even after expert suggestions, before 90 nights from the date of delivery, you can claim a refund.

All refunds will be subjected to 18% stocking fee and delivery charges. A detailed description of the full refund policy can be seen on the Texas Mattress Makers website.


I have been using the king size Texas Mattress makers for 2 weeks now in 2 of my bed rooms and trust me guys, this is the one I was searching for. If you are looking for a quality mattress at an affordable price, Texas Mattress is what you must purchase.

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