The Complete Guide to Adjustable Air Mattresses for 2021

Consumer Reports found that adjustable air beds were rated the best choice for comfort and support. In this complex industry, there are many confusing and hard to understand product differences. More education is needed to help customers understand there are myriad options outside of the brands with the biggest advertising budget.

After reading this article, you will know more about adjustable air mattresses and feel more comfortable understanding options, as well as product and policy differences.

What is an adjustable air mattress? 

Adjustable air mattresses combine a support core of air with foam comfort and contouring layers. The result is a unique range of qualities unattainable from one traditional innerspring or memory foam mattress and capable of pleasing a wide range of consumers. Internal air chambers create the ability to customize firmness and support. Where you would normally have to choose one distinct comfort level when shopping for a traditional mattress, ranging between extra soft and extra firm, an air mattress can move freely between these settings. You can adjust whenever you want, with your body and your needs in mind. More air creates more pressure in the chamber to offer a firmer sleep surface, while less air creates a softer sleep surface with more give.

Newer smart bed technologies even allow your bed to automatically adjust to your body when you move, like ReST Bed and the 360 Smartbed line from Sleep Number.

Don’t confuse adjustable air beds with temporary air mattresses meant for camping, which are well within the $100 range and can fit into a small box when deflated. They aren’t meant for sleeping on long periods of time. Adjustable air mattresses are meant to be used every-night in a bedroom or guest room.

Adjustable air beds have been lauded as the end-all-be-all mattress to solve any sleeper’s problems. Just what goes into a mattress like this, and what options do consumers have?

How does an adjustable air bed work?

Instead of a foam or spring-based support core, airbeds use chambers or bladders that fill with air via a pump system. Once filled, users can adjust the air, and therefore the pressure in the air bladders to give firmer or softer support.

  • Pump: Mechanical pumps are electrically powered. As opposed to a camping air mattress, the pump stays plugged in and can be continuously utilized to adjust your sleep settings, on a regular basis. They can be seen as a standalone pump that rests under your bed or can be integrated into your bed rails for a cleaner look.
  • Adjustable settings
    Most beds have an average of 50 number-based settings for sleepers to choose from, helping to bring meaning to the industry’s nickname “number beds.” Settings can be controlled by a dial or an up/down arrow system. While some companies use increments of five or 10, others use single-digit increments. The concept is much the same, no matter what brand you choose: a change in your setting changes the air pressure in your bed, and you have various options to choose from.

What sizes are available?

You can find an adjustable air mattress in many sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king, and RV-camper size mattresses. Not all manufacturers carry all sizes, with the least popular being twin and full sizes.

What are split beds & half-split beds?

If you purchase a split or half-split mattress, you can add an adjustable base to incline and decline the head or foot of the bed independently to offer optimal comfort. Adjustable bases are helpful for people who have back pain or have trouble snoring.

What should I look for in an adjustable air bed?

In the vast world of mattress shopping, it is sometimes hard to know what to pinpoint as desirable or less than. What things should shoppers know about before they start shopping for an adjustable air mattress?

A typical airbed.



Here are some areas that you should look into:

Air Chambers
Mattresses are available with one, two, six, and ten air chambers or adjustable air zones.

Mattresses with one air chamber are meant for one sleeper, where beds with two or more are meant to be shared, offering the ability to customize support on each side of the bed. Products with more than two chambers allow each person to adjust settings for different regions of the bed, from head to foot. For example, six air chambers let each person find a different comfort setting for the head region, midsection, and feet.

Air bladders are made of many different materials, including vulcanized rubber, latex, cotton or fabric-backed materials, nylon, urethane synthetic rubber, and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. While these different materials offer different qualities. Healthy Foundations explains, “PVC and Urethane are considered highly desirable because the materials are largely inert and don’t deteriorate, are reasonably elastic, and can be backed with specialized polymer fabrics to make it essentially as strong as steel.” However, with the ability to be as “strong as steel,” these materials are less flexible than vulcanized rubber. The site explains that the best option is vulcanized rubber or fabric-backed vulcanized rubber, which has higher elasticity and allows for pressure to range easily between firm and soft.

Sleep and mattress info site Tuck concludes that “The construction of the air chambers does not affect the feel or supportive qualities of the mattress to a noticeable extent, according to owner feedback.”

Baffles and gussets are different separated areas within an air chamber that help to distribute airflow. We have found experts that do and do not, recommend them. A lot of the price you pay for an airbed is in the air chamber construction. Keep this in mind.

Don’t think of these air chambers or bladders as balloons. They are far from it. The chambers are designed to withstand a great amount of pressure. The only way to really pop a chamber would be with a sharp object or knife. Think about it. A mattress is rated to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and they are designed to stop inflating far before a limit is reached.

Comfort Layers

“Typically air beds for home use have anywhere from three to six inches of high-density foam layered on top of the air chambers, and pillow tops may have even more,” according to scientists.

Most airbeds feature various comfort foam layers on top of the air chambers. This is a single company offers several different models to choose from. Each model has a baseline of the same airbed technology, but the different types of support and comfort foam are what differentiates the models.

Foam layers separate a good quality airbed from a cheap one, but there are several different types of foam available, as well as ways to implement it. Here is a breakdown:

  • High-density Poly Foam: The least-expensive, lowest quality mattress foam. High-density foam can be more durable and add softness and support, but not the pressure relief available with memory foam.
  • Visco-elastic Memory Foam: Memory foam is available in the more expensive beds and can enhance comfort and provide good back and lumbar support by reducing pressure points. It can also tend to store heat.
  • Latex Foam: Both synthetic and natural latex foams offer comfort and responsiveness that doesn’t break down over time.
  • Gel Foam: Similar to memory foam, but helps to regulate temperature better than standard memory foam.
  • Pillow Tops: More and more, pillow toppers are added to all types of mattresses. Air mattresses are no exception. “A two-inch quilted top will do the job, and you will feel the effects of all the layers underneath the quilted exterior and enjoy the full range of adjustability offered by the air bladders, as well,” according to Healthy Foundations.
  • Eurotop: The difference between a Euro top and a pillow top is how it looks from the outside. With a Euro top, the pillow or quilted layer goes all the way to the edge is flush with all sides of the mattress below. Same softness. Different look.

Edge support
Edge support is what keeps you from falling off of your bed when you sit near the edge. Think about sitting on the edge of a pool floatie or a camping air bed. You will likely be on the ground soon. Some airbed companies offer good edge support and others don’t. Airbeds whose chambers go all the way to the edge likely have a really thin foam rail. A thick perimeter edge support is necessary for you to be able to sit on the edge of your bed. Healthy Foundations suggests, “Contoured edges with concave indentations contain the air bladders more effectively and prevent bowing out of the air bladders.”

Mattress Thickness
Airbeds vary in thickness with models ranging between 10 and 15 inches. The thickness is likely a measure of the comfort and support foam layers, rather than any differing size of the air chambers, which measure between five and seven inches thick.

Air Pressure Controllers
Both corded and cordless remotes are available to adjust your mattress. Cordless controls may be easy to lose and can be associated with a slight delay in adjustment, as opposed to corded options. More and more, companies are making an effort to eliminate remote controllers altogether by making adjustments available through a mobile app that uses either wifi or Bluetooth to connect.

Advanced Technology

Some adjustable air beds have the ability to report data on your sleep habits to help you get a better night sleep. For example, Sleep Number’s SleepIQ uses sensors inside the bed to track sleeping conditions. In a study, respondents recognized an improvement in quantity and quality of sleep using the SleepIQ data.

Adjustable Air Bed Pros

Airbed Lifespan

According to mattress and sleep research site Tuck, airbeds have an average lifespan of eight years, which is similar to latex mattresses at 8.5 years, and longer than most other mattress segments, including memory foam (7 years), innerspring (5.5 years), and hybrid mattresses (6 years).

Variable Sleep Positions

Leslie Fischer, Founder of Sustainable Slumber, recently told BestCompany that when shopping for a mattress, “The most important consideration is your sleeping position.”

Side, back and stomach sleepers can find a comfortable way to sleep on an adjustable air bed. This means that couples with fundamentally different mattress needs can sleep comfortably on the same bed, together. This is great, especially when Nine out of ten couples prefer a different mattress firmness.

Less Motion Transfer

Airbeds are good at absorbing motion transfer. This is good for couples who are easily disturbed by movement.


Each side of the bed has a different setting. Some beds even offer three to five different settings for each side of the bed. Sleep Number, the industry standard against which all of the different adjustable air beds measure themselves offers two air zones, one on each side of the bed. Boyd Night Air Beds have six different controlled zones, three for each sleeper to control, and ReST Bed offers five different zones for each sleeper to adjust.

Of course, beds meant for one sleeper only need one air chamber. A split down the middle wouldn’t do you much good. These single sleeper options include twin, twin XL, and full sizes. Some companies even offer queen size mattresses for a single sleeper.

Short Break-in Period

Most mattresses take between 30 and 90 days to break-in. This time period allows for your body to adjust to sleeping on your new mattress and for your mattress to reach its optimal softness. With airbeds, one big plus is a decreased break-in period, less than two weeks on average.

Customer Satisfaction

Airbed satisfaction ratings among consumers are higher than any other segment, according to Tuck.

When measuring mattress satisfaction by type, Consumer Reports also found that respondents with an adjustable air bed were least likely to regret purchasing and, at 80% responding very or completely satisfied, were the most satisfied with their mattress compared to other mattress types.

Adjustable Air Bed Cons

So, there are many things that are beneficial for air bed users. Why do only 6% of people use them?

Complicated Assembly

Although it is just a one-time issue, the setup can be complex and is much more involved than any other type of mattress because there are moving and electrical parts. Some models ship assembled, while some require assembly, and others have professional assembly included in your delivery service fees, or as an add-on.

Noise Potential

One thing you may not think about before purchasing an airbed is the noise that the pump makes to fill up the mattress.

Airbeds have a high noise potential—much higher than with other types of beds. Some models have also been shown to “squeak when supporting weight.” SleepLiketheDead gave airbeds a D+ when it comes to noise, with 7% of owners say that they produce a “rustling, crunching or squeaking” sound when you move, while noise from the air pump is a complaint for 6% of users.

If you are sensitive to noises when you sleep, look for brands with quiet pump technologies.

Prorated Warranties & Poor Durability

Most airbed companies offer at least a 20-year warranty. Twenty years is awesome, but because of all of the moving parts, most air bed manufacturers use a prorated warranty. For the first two or three years, you are covered for any defects or broken parts with free replacement parts, and sometimes free shipping of those parts.

After that, you aren’t covered 100%. You will have to pay for replacement parts. The amount that you pay is prorated, meaning that the more time that has elapsed since your purchase, the higher the percentage you will have to pay towards your replacement parts.

Keep in mind that a prorated mattress warranty can take various different forms. For example, Habitat Furnishings has a limited lifetime warranty policy for their digital adjustable airbeds. For the first five years, consumers are covered at 100% for replacement parts, but after that, for the lifetime of the bed, owners are covered at 50%. So, the longer your bed lasts, the better this policy gets.

Standard innerspring or foam mattresses have more beneficial warranties because owners aren’t likely to have to replace any parts, while over 25% of air bed owners will have to pay for replacement components over the lifetime of their bed.

Because there are working parts, and electronic functions, there are more things that can malfunction or need maintenance throughout the lifetime of the bed, than there are with traditional mattresses.

High Price

While offering higher customer satisfaction, airbeds tend to cost more than most traditional mattress technologies. Tuck found that the average queen size airbed is about $ 2,283, which is higher than any other type of mattress. The cheapest queen size airbeds start at about $1,000 and go up to about $3,500.

Some retailers like Airbed Doctor offer base level models, air pumps, and control devices, with add-ons for more support offerings, faster or quieter pumps, and more complex remotes.

Pressure Fluctuation

Due to environmental conditions, your bed’s pressure and firmness settings can fluctuate on its own. Mattress review site Sleep Like the Dead gives air beds a “D” rating and explains, “Comfort settings may automatically fluctuate in either direction depending on temperature, barometric pressure, weight and sleep position. About 10% of owners report this to be annoying.”

Return Rates

Healthy Foundations states, “[S]ome leading brands of air beds have return rates as high as 23%. That means roughly one out of 4 customers is dissatisfied enough with their purchase that they are willing to go through the trouble of disassembling, repackaging, and shipping back their mattress!” That is definitely daunting.

Policies to Know About

Shipping & Delivery

With the various different ways that these items can ship, we have simplified the options for you. While not all shipping options are available from all retailers, here is a breakdown of what you will see when shopping for a new air mattress.

  • Ground Shipping: This is standard non-express shipping with companies like FedEx or UPS. They normally deliver to the front of your house, sometimes under a covered area. Sometimes not. If you live in an apartment building, the delivery companies are not obligated to go above the first floor and may leave your package in a mailbox area, or with a front desk. This is the cheapest way to ship things, even really big boxes, and puts more on you as the recipient. You will either need to find help bringing your package inside your abode or to unbox an unwieldy package out in the open and just carry the components inside, one-by-one.
  • Freight – Curbside: Freight shipping is a step above ground, though it can either be through FedEx or UPS freight, or with another third-party service. On the plus side, most freight deliveries come with more information about when they will show up at your house. The lowest level of freight delivery that you can expect would be curbside. In your contract, it will either be curbside, you unload, or unloaded for you. With this type of delivery, you will likely want to be home for the delivery so that you can receive it.
  • Freight – Entrance or Covered Area: The next step up delivery-wise is with front porch, covered area, or entryway delivery. This means that a professional will unload your package and bring it right up to your home. They will not, and are likely not covered by insurance to step further into your home.
  • White Glove Delivery: White Glove Delivery, also known as Room of Choice is when your package is brought into the home and your bedroom or guest room.
  • White Glove Delivery and Assembly: This is the “red carpet” treatment. Your mattress will be delivered, with a scheduled appointment, by assembly professionals who bring everything into your room of choice, set up, and explain the mattresses functions. Depending on your service provider, this may or may not include the removal of any discarded packaging that it came in. White glove delivery often offers free removal of your old mattress, if you want it; however, some delivery companies do this for an extra fee.

Sleep Trials

From our research, most air bed companies offer an in-home sleep trial; however, this policy is set by each retailer, so it depends on where you purchase your product. This is becoming standard practice in the mattress industry and is especially beneficial for such a high-priced segment.

Different policies will have different fees. You will come across risk-free trials, as well as policies that require shipping or restocking fees. They come in all different lengths and generally range between 30 to 120 days.

Adjustable Air Mattress Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the best air bed?

While the first thing that most people think of when asked about air mattresses is Sleep Number beds, this brand may not be the best fit for all shoppers, especially those on a budget. Some companies have advanced technology, while others use organic materials like virgin wool and cotton. It really depends on your price point, and what you are looking to get out of your investment. Look for expert advice and consult reviews before making a purchase.

  1. What type of foundation do you use with an adjustable air bed?

    As with other mattress types, an airbed offers several choices when it comes to a foundation. Most manufacturers recommend using a smooth, continuously firm surface. Habitat Furnishings explains, “The rule of thumb is, that if you can’t easily put your knee into it, it’s fine.”

  • Platform Bed: You can use a platform bed if there are less than three inches between slats.
  • Box Spring or Mattress Foundation: You can use a normal box spring or foundation with your new adjustable mattress.
  • Adjustable Base: Some airbeds are made to be used with an adjustable base, but you need to make sure you are buying a compatible base. A standard mattress will only go with a base that moves the head or foot section all at once. If you prefer that each sleeper have independent movement options, you can opt for a split mattress. This will allow each half of the bed to incline or decline independently. The final option is a half-split mattress. Referred to as a “Flex-Head” or “Flex Top,” this mattress is only split on the top half of the mattress, to “maintain the cuddle zone,” as Instant Comfort puts it.


  1. Will an adjustable air mattress help with back pain?

A study with patients suffering from chronic lower back pain at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Marsh Health Center found that 93% of subjects reported pain relief, while 89% reported improved sleep with a Sleep Number bed.

  1. How many zones do you need in an adjustable air mattress?

Adjustable air mattresses are available with one to five zones on each side of the mattress. While some experts question the effectiveness of having more than one adjustable zone, while others praise the ability to independently adjust, and provide instant pressure relief. It depends on your body and your needs.

  1. What is a smart bed?

Some mattress companies offer models that automatically adjust to provide support for your body, depending on the position you are laying in. This is really nice, especially if you move around during the night.

A smart bed also gathers information about your sleep habits (for both sleepers). This is done with extra sensors or, in the case of Sleep Number, with automatically built-in sensors.

  1. Who buys adjustable air beds?

An ideal shopper would be someone who is not getting the pressure point relief that they need or a couple that needs different levels of support due to different body sizes, sleeping positions, or comfort needs.

  1. Where do I buy an adjustable air bed?

You can purchase many adjustable air beds online or through factory-direct or specialized retailers like Airbed Doctor. In addition, some brands have their own retail stores like Sleep Number, while other options are available at third-party retailers like Denver Mattress.

As this type of bed requires special expertise, care, maintenance, and customer service policies, not many traditional mattress stores carry air-core mattresses..

  1. What adjustable air mattresses are available?

Below is a breakdown of some of the biggest adjustable air mattress brands.

American National – Instant Comfort

The Instant Comfort line from American National offers firm, plush, and ultra plush comfort levels. Standard and half-split Flex Head options are available in King and Cal King sizes. Queen size mattresses can be purchased for single or dual sleepers.

Base Model Features:

  • Replaceable and reversible top panel
  • Dual adjustability
  • Touchscreen hand controls
  • Baffled 24 gauge anti-microbial vulcanized rubber air chambers
  • Foam side rails
  • 45 unique settings from 5 to 50
  • Adjust via the mobile app using Bluetooth

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • Aloe vera cover
  • Phase changing cooling top panel
  • Duvet-style reversible cotton pillow top
  • Quilted bamboo fabric top panel
  • Laminated cooling layer
  • Added antimicrobial cotton backing on the air chambers
  • Convoluted foam comfort layer
  • Gel foam comfort layers
  • Ventilated gel foam
  • Center panel with 3D mesh spacer
  • Added foam thickness

Models: 9

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, King, Cal King, Half-split Flex-Head Queen, King, and Cal King

Queen Size Price: $999-$4,599

Shipping & Delivery: Depends on retailer

Trial or Return Policy: Depends on retailer

Warranty: 25 years. 3 years full coverage and prorated from 50%-90% of the retail price. Details.


Habitat Furnishings

United States Watermattress makes a line of three Habitat Furnishings digital adjustable air beds called Arise, Aloft, and Ascend. Arise is a firmer bouncier feeling bed, Aloft is a medium-firm bed for pressure relief, and Ascend is a plusher feeling bed for people who like to feel like they are floating.

Base Model Features:

  • Quilted Bamboo cover
  • Fabric-backed natural rubber air chamber
  • High-performance support foam
  • Independent dual LED display Adjust-a Rest remotes
  • Piston-style air pump
  • Edge rail system
  • Arrives pre-assembled

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • Memory foam
  • Natural Talalay latex foam

Models: 3

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King

Queen Size Price: $1,299-$1,799

Shipping & Delivery: Free (48 states)

Trial or Return Policy: 90-120 Days, $99 return shipping fee. Details.

Warranty: Lifetime limited. 2 years full coverage and prorated at 50% after that. Details.


Innomax Comfort Craft

Comfort Craft offers adjustable air beds called 4500, 5500, and 9500. They are made with natural wellness materials like bamboo and aloe. While each side of the bed can be individually adjusted, queen size models are available for dual and single sleepers. Depending on the retailer, your model may come with a different controller and air pump system.

Base Model Features:

  • Low tension cotton fiber blend stretch knit cover
  • Vulcanized rubber air chambers
  • Supersoft foam
  • Ultra plush fiber
  • Multi-Zoned support
  • 2 remotes
  • Foam topper
  • Smart top design to allow you to remove and re-fluff comfort layers
  • Suede side panel border
  • Poweredge support
  • Griptite non-skid bottom
  • Healthy Sleep Moisture barrier
  • Hypoallergenic breathe-easy fabrics

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • Aloe vera stretch knit cover
  • Tri-zone Talalay Latex
  • Quiltflex to reduce impressions
  • Reversible topper with winter and summer sides
  • Moisture-wicking antibacterial bamboo surface
  • Cool-Plus temperature neutral surface
  • Memory-Cell foam

Models: 3

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King; Some models: Twin, Full

Queen Size Price: $1,049.95-$2,278.95

Shipping & Delivery: Depends on retailer: Free at Air Bed Doctor

Trial or Return Policy: Depends on retailer: 30 days at Air Bed Doctor

Warranty: 25 years. 3-5 years non-prorated, depending on the component. Prorated at 50/65/75/85/90. Details.


Innomax Freedom-Air

Freedom-Air is an adjustable airbed line from Innomax featuring an internal plug-n-go pump system. Models include Air-Cell, Fusion Air, and Omni-Air. Queen size options are available for single or dual sleepers. Thermal-Cell technology helps remove heat efficiently and the open cell design supports air and moisture movement to help you sleep cool while improving blood flow and oxygen exposure to skin cells.

Base Model Features:

  • Internal hoses and pump
  • Ultra-stretch cover helps with moisture evaporation and eliminates bacteria
  • Wool moisture barrier helps with temperature regulation
  • Absorbs energy and motion
  • Stay Fresh odor technology
  • Smart Top allows you to replace and refresh upper foam layers
  • Power edge support

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • Compression flex zoned cover
  • Interchangeable Euro box top with Latex infused foam and temperature neutral
  • Cover panel with cotton and rayon made from bamboo
  • Memory-Cell box top

Models: 3

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Queen Size Price: $1,625-$2,335

Shipping & Delivery: Depends on retailer

Trial or Return Policy: Depends on retailer

Warranty: 25 years. 3-5 years non-prorated, depending on the component. Prorated at 50/65/75/85/90. Details.


Innomax Luxury Support

The Innomax Luxury Support adjustable digital air bed has several models including Evolutions, Harmony, Mystique, Cashmere, and Medallion. Queen mattresses are available for single or dual sleepers.

Base Model Features:

  • Plush top design
  • Belgian damask cover
  • Removable smart t0p cover to re-fluff or clean top foam layers
  • Anatomic layer
  • Ultra-form edge support
  • Vulcanized rubber air chambers
  • Griptite non-slip bottom
  • Moisture barrier
  • 50 comfort settings
  • 2 Innomax Adjust-a-Rest digital LED controllers

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • Interchangeable Euro box design with Talalay latex and Memory-cell material
  • Sculptured PetMe Mink cover
  • Memory-Cell comfort layer
  • Cool blue Cashmere cover
  • Medicott terry stretch knit cover
  • Pillow-Flex fiber

Models: 5

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King; Some models: Twin, Full

Queen Size Price: $899.95-$2,298.95

Shipping & Delivery: Depends on retailer: Free at Air Bed Doctor & Wayfair

Trial or Return Policy: Depends on retailer: 30 days with Air Bed Doctor & 100 with Wayfair

Warranty: 25 years. 3-5 years non-prorated, depending on the component. Prorated at 50/65/75/85/90. Details.


Innomax Note: It appears that Innomax air mattresses are sold under several different brand names with different retailers. This is a common retail practice. The manufacturer, Innomax distributes their products to different retailers who then resell the product under their name. This explains identical images and very similar product specs. From our research, it appears that that Air Beds Unlimited’s gemstone named product line and Air-Bed Bargains’ Cloud Support line are all Innomax products.

Night Air by Boyd Sleep

Boyd Sleep has a line of adjustable number beds with one, two, or six adjustable air chambers. Choose between the Ultra product line with six air chambers (three for each sleeper) and the Supreme product line with two air chambers (one for each sleeper).

Base Model Features:

  • Washable cover
  • Tri-Zone latex quilted cover
  • Gel-Lux foam to help with cooling
  • Washable fabric sleeve to protect from condensation
  • Certified eco-friendly foam
  • High-density perimeter support
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) air cores, more flexible with no “rubber” smell
  • 2 wired LCD hand controls
  • 100 single-digit increment settings for each air chamber

Features on Upgraded Models:

  • Plush knit cover
  • Cooling Ice Fiber fabric cover
  • Additional memory foam comfort layer
  • Breathable grey or blue mesh fabric perimeter
  • Enhanced edge support
  • MicroTec gel memory foam contouring layers
  • Thicker comfort layers

Models: 12

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King (compatible with an adjustable base)

Queen Size Price: $1,198.98- $4,370

Shipping & Delivery: Free

Trial or Return Policy: 90-100 days. Details.

Warranty: 20 years: 2 years full coverage and prorated at 50/20. Details.


Compare to Sleep Number

Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort, creator of the first “number bed” sells made-to-order 2-zone air beds with Sleepace sleep tracking for an additional fee. With personal comfort, shoppers can choose between a standard bed, a split bed, and a Flex-Head half-split bed. The Flex Head allows you to add an adjustable base and independently raise and lower the head section of the bed without disturbing your partner, but keep the lower half of the bed as one piece. The best of both worlds. As an online-only, factory-direct retailer, prices are much lower when compared to Sleep Number.

Base Model Features:

  • Anti-microbial vulcanized rubber air chambers
  • Damask zipped top panel
  • Woven cotton Zipper cover
  • 45 unique number settings from 5 to 50, in increments of one
  • 2 touchscreen wired remotes
  • Android and iOS app control

Features on Upgraded Models:

  • Stretch quilted cover
  • Bamboo smart fabric cover
  • Aloe vera smart fabric cover
  • 2-sided aloe and bamboo cover
  • Duvet-style pillow top
  • Thicker foam layers
  • Evolution foam
  • Gel memory foam
  • Perfect Perimeter foam frame
  • Options to have different foam layers on each side of the bed

Models: 13

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King & Split Cal King (compatible with an adjustable base), Flex-Head King & Cal King

Queen Size Price: $849.99-$3,549.99

Shipping & Delivery: Free (48 states)

Trial or Return Policy: 120 days risk-free trial, except for the Classic series, which requires a $149 restocking fee. Details.

Warranty: 25 years. 3 years full coverage and prorated at 50/65/80/90. Details.


ReST Bed

ReST Bed, or Responsive Surface Technology Bed, is the world’s first smart bed. It is targeted towards athletes but can be very helpful for people in pain. This bed has five zones for each sleeper: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. You can customize your support using the ReST app. The bed also uses a special fabric that monitors your pressure and automatically adjusts firmness via a whisper-quiet pump. The app also reports sleep data so that you can learn from your sleep.


  • Removable washable cover
  • Sensors that measure 2,000 pressure points
  • Cooling gel memory foam
  • Medical grade polyurethane air chambers
  • Edge support
  • Automatic, position detection, and manual operating modes
  • Included tablet device to monitor sleep data with wi-fi connectivity

Models: 1

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King & Cal King (compatible with an adjustable base)

Queen Size Price: $3,999

Shipping & Delivery: White glove delivery $199

Trial or Return Policy: 90 days. Details.

Warranty: 10 years non-prorated. Details.

Available:; Nationwide Retailers

Selectabed Air-Pedic

Selectabed and parent company Relief-Mart offer Air-Pedic beds. All current models in this adjustable air mattress line have six air chambers, with three adjustable settings on each side of the bed. Customers must contact Selectabed for a quote online or over the phone.

Base Model Features:

  • Bamboo stretch knit cover
  • HD Flex-Comfort Foam
  • Resili-Flex Support Layer
  • Added center support
  • Medical grade flexible urethane air chambers resist bacteria
  • 4 port quiet and fast air pump
  • 89 number settings
  • 2 digital remotes
  • Pre-assembled
  • Adjustable base compatible

Features on Upgraded Models:

  • Heat reducing airflow transfer system
  • Kool-Flow bamboo stretch knit cover
  • Hypergel plush-top cooling layer
  • Resili-Flex support layer
  • Plush 5 lb. density memory foam
  • Gel-infused comfort foam
  • Thicker foam layers
  • Reversible comfort layers
  • Plush pillow top

Models: 7

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King

Queen Size Price: $1,799-$4,999

Shipping & Delivery: Call directly for shipping costs.

Trial or Return Policy: 120 days. Details.

Warranty: 30 years. 3 years full coverage and prorated after that. Customer pays 13% plus 3% of the price for each additional year from the original purchase date. Details.


Compare to Sleep Number.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is the industry standard to which all adjustable air mattress companies compare themselves, literally. Sleep Number offers each sleeper the ability to make their own comfort settings. Consumers can choose between the more affordable Classic Series, the most popular Performance Series, and the most luxurious Innovation Series, all of which are Smart Beds with Responsive Air technology and Sleep IQ sleep tracking info.

Base Model Features:

  • Controlled via the Sleep IQ app – Remotes sold separately
  • Gel-infused foam
  • Responsive air technology
  • 20 settings, 1 to 100, in increments of 5

Features on Upgrade Models:

  • VariaCool memory foam
  • Energetex comfort layer
  • Enhanced pressure-relief
  • Underbed lighting and foot warming with an adjustable base
  • Thicker foam layers

Models: 8

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King & Cal King, Half-Split Flex-Head King & Cal King (compatible with an adjustable base)

Queen Size Price: $999-$5,099

Shipping & Delivery: $89.99-$199

Trial or Return Policy: 100 days. Details.

Warranty: 25-year limited warranty. 2 years full coverage. Prorated: Years 3-20, you pay 20% plus 4% for each completed year. Years 21-25, you pay 96% of the fix. Details.

Available:, Sleep Number retail locations

Sleep Touch & Feather Edge AirBeds

Sleep Touch is a line of adjustable air beds made by Vinyl Products. Sleep Touch’s Egret, Phoenix, Dove and Swan lines are available in various distinct models, including flat top, pillow top, and euro top options. Sleep touch dual air pumps are built into each side of the bed.

Base Model Features:

  • Damask cover
  • Elastic PVC air chambers
  • Fastest inflator available
  • Dual pumps
  • 2 controls with extra long cords

Features on Upgraded Models:

  • Hollofil pillow top fiber
  • Euro or pillow top of interchangeable convoluted or memory foam. Sleepers can manually move these for a different surface feel.
  • Virgin wool to help regulate temperature

Models: 6+

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, RV Queen, King, Cal King, Special sizes on request

Queen Size Price: $839-$1,739

Shipping & Delivery: Depends on retailer: Free at Air Bed Doctor & Wayfair

Trial or Return Policy: 30 Days. Details.

Warranty: 20-year prorated. 3 years full coverage and prorated at 50/75. Details.


Compare to other adjustable beds.

Thomasville Synchrony

Thomasville’s Synchrony air bed line is a special partnership with Boyd Sleep, started in 2013. Choose between the Supreme series with one air chamber on each side of the mattress or the Ultra series with 3 individually adjustable zones on each side of the bed.

Base Model Features:

  • 26 gauge fabric covered vulcanized rubber air cores
  • Tri-zone quilted cover with extra lumbar support
  • Removable dry clean cover
  • Machine washable fabric sleeve to protect the mattress from condensation
  • Non-slip fabric between the comfort layer and the air core
  • 2 wired LCD hand controls
  • 100 single-digit increment settings for each air chamber

Features on Upgraded Models:

  • IntelliTemp technology in the cover to help regulate temperature
  • Open Cell memory foam
  • Tri-Zone Stay-Cool channel venting to help keep cool
  • Additional perimeter support and reinforced foam side rails
  • Gel memory foam for better cooling and more targeted support
  • The thicker support layers = higher price

Models: 8

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King (compatible with an adjustable base)

Queen Size Price: $2,449.99-$4,499.99

Shipping & Delivery: Free

Trial or Return Policy: 90 days. Details.

Warranty:  25 years. 2 years full coverage and prorated at 80/50/20. Details.


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