Wellsville Mattress Reviews

Wellsville is a well-known mattress brand known for designing a cooler mattress that guarantees a good night’s sleep.  The high-quality materials combined with premium gel memory foam create truly exceptional and amazingly comforting beddings.

The most recognized mattress brand in the market, Wellsville offers great looks and feel at an exclusive price.


The qualities and features of the Wellsville mattress brand are in sync with the demands of the customers. the times you spend in your slumbering – tossing and turning in your bed, decides the course of action of your complete day. A lot depends on your mattress.

If your mattress allows you to sleep comfortably, your energy levels will be high for the whole day. On the contrary, you will not be able to make it through the day if you have spent your night in discomfort. Mattresses leave a deep impact on your sleep.

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Type of mattresses available in the market

The kind of mattress you need totally depends on your personal preference. With so many choices available in the market, it is hard to figure out which mattress you need. I have broken out the most common types of mattresses and their features to help you make a choice.

Memory foam

As the name suggests, these mattresses are made up of memory foam. They are known to provide great pressure relief, support, and body contouring. The latest memory foam mattresses don’t keep you hot. They endure super cooling techniques and altogether different properties from traditional foam.


Latex mattresses are responsive, comforting, bouncing and cooling. They are ideal for people who don’t want body contour or pronounced hugs.

Pillow Top

A soft material is sen into these mattresses in the place of a pillow. It is perfect for sleepers who look for extra comfort while sleeping.


These are the most commonly used mattresses. They consist of one or more layers of steel coils that are known to provide support and comfort.


These are constructed from different types of materials like latex, memory, coils or polyurethane foams. This is a good option for many sleepers.


These mattresses are ideal for sleepers who change their positions too frequently. People who are suffering from medical conditions like chronic lower back or snoring should prefer this mattress.

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Read to read the review of two popular Wellsville mattresses:

Wellsville 11-inch Luxury Gel Memory Foam with Plush Ventilated Top Layer – Certipur US certified – Full Grey/White

The mattress is particularly designed cooler and comfortable sleep. The brand claims that they have used high-quality materials in the construction of these mattresses.

You can buy these mattresses from local vendors, retailers or the online platform Amazon. However, the online platforms offer better deals, generous trials, and easy refund policies. In addition to it, you can check with warranties and solid customer reviews.

The mattresses are popular among the customers for their high-quality. Their initial comfort helped the brand gain ultimate trust.

Above all, the brand is known for its affordable prices. You can compare the prices of different brands before deciding upon Wellsville products. Wellsville 11-inch Luxury gel memory foam mattress can bring a major change in your life before affecting your budget.

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The luxurious 11-inch Wellsville plush mattresses feature a 1.5-inch of the top layer of ultra-plush ventilated gel memory foam, a 2-inch layer of plush gel memory foam and 7.5-inches of supportive high-density base foam. All three layers have different features and properties, but their ultimate target is to provide support and comfort to the users. They provide pressure point relief, temperature regulation and support your neck, head and spine.The top layer aligns your spine and provides you comfort throughout the night. The second layer dissipates heat while you sleep. The third layer adds to the structure and support.

The top two layers are made of 3.5 inches of memory foam. These top layers are infused with gel beads. Gel beads play an important role in capturing and disturbing heat to regulate the temperature.

The last surface layer is designed to enhance the air ventilation. It improves airflow, breathability and adds to the comfort.


Mattress cover

Wellsville 11-inch luxury gel memory foam mattress is delivered with a soft and removable cover which has a cushioning air layer. The cover is sewn in a quilted pattern and is available in different colors. The sophisticated double-jacquard cover adds to the style of the mattress. It also provides extra breathability and softness.



Wellsville memory foam luxury mattresses are made to last. The brand is so confident about the quality they produce that they back it up with a warranty of 10-years. The warranty covers any kind of manufacturer’s warranty and thus protects the mattress.



The dimensions of this mattress is 75 x 54 x 11 inches. It weighs around 79 pounds when shipped.



You would the way this bed is transported by the manufacturer. They pack it in a vacuum box and shop it. The box eases transportation and makes the setup comfortable. It is quite easy to decompose this packing. Take it into your bedroom, place it on the bed frame and place the rolled up pack there. Remove the protector pack and watch it expand. The mattress is available in all different sizes.


This certification implies that the mattress has been tested for the safety of the material used in its construction, its physical performance and environmental stewardship. It guarantees that the product contains no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depleters, no CFCs, no mercury, no lead, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no PBDEs and low emission for indoor air quality.

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The Good in the mattress: Things I like the most

The adjustable and bed friendly mattress are my first choice. This bedding is ideal for adjustable beds. They are on a medium-scale when it comes to firmness or hardness. The top is allocated with a slight plushness.

The brand is ruling on the mattress world for the last 7 years and this particular model has a significant sale.

The price of the mattress is amazing. You never feel like paying an extra price. It is easy to assemble the product once arrived. Actually, there is nothing like assembling. You simply put it on the bed frame and it expands.

The CERTIPUR – US certification makes you believe that you are using a safe product and it will cause no harm to the environment.


The Bad in the mattress: Things I don’t like

I have noticed a few people complaining that the mattress is too soft and takes the shape of the body immediately. A few also complaint about the price of the product, but these people were comparing the price from really poor quality products.

Customers complained about the long term maintenance of the product. However, it is covered the warranty, it is not easy to get the returns.


Pros and Cons

I have not seen any product in my life which was truly accepted. Most of the products have their own pros and cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of Wellsville’s 11-inch luxury gel memory foam mattress.


  • The three different layers with three different features and properties are no less than a privilege. All three layers have their own benefits. The first two adds to the support, comfort and regulates the heat and temperature whereas the third one adds to better airflow and breathability.
  • The 10-year warranty on the mattress showcases the trust of the brand in its product.
  • CERTIPUR – US certification gives you a relief that you are using a quality product that is safe to your environment and surrounding.

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  • The high price of the mattress if a problem. People compare it to low-quality products and criticize its value.
  • Some people find this mattress too soft.

Wellsville 14-inch Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Premium Hybrid Mattress, Twin XL, White

Wellsville brings you excellent mattresses that are specially engineered for a comfortable and sound sleep. The hybrid design is the next step to the plush models. The high-price mattresses are available on many online platforms and in-store.

The brand claims to provide cooler designs. The high-quality product is built from premium materials. The thick layers of gel foam feel soft and support your body weight. It eliminates your pressure points and helps you sleep well.

However, the price of the Wellsville 14-inch gel memory foam hybrid mattress seems very high but, it is nothing when compared to the similar quality products from high brands.


The Hybrid mattress indulges a gel-infused air foam layer topped on ventilated plush gel memory foam. Further, there are three layers of memory foam. The comforting top layer is ultra-plush, plush gel middle layer and 7.5-inches of supportive high-density base foam.

The top layer is infused with gel beads that capture and distribute heat to regulate the temperature. The ventilated design of surface layer ensures a better flow of air, breathability and provides you with comfort.


Removable cover

The soft removable cover of the mattress ensures breathability. The cushioned layers and quilted patterns add to its aesthetic beauty as well. The cover is available in different colors and you have the liberty to choose one of our choices. The beautiful cover enhances the softness of the mattress.



The product is loaded with a warranty for 10-years. The company and brand have so much faith in their products that they have backed it up with a warranty of a decade. The warranty covers any kind of manufacturer’s defect and saves from the extra trouble.



The size measurement of this mattress is 75 x 54 x 11 inches. Weight of the mattress while shipping is 79 pounds.



The mattress is delivered to you in the most convenient and sophisticated manner. The luxurious high-quality mattress is rolled, compressed and shipped in a box. Opening the parcel is way easier than you can imagine. Place the parcel on your bed frame and unwrap it. It will expand within a minute and take the shape of your bed.


This is a certification that has independently tested the mattress for the safety of the materials used, physical performance and environmental factors. It means the mattress is constructed carefully and there are no prohibited phthalates, lead, heavy metals, PBDEs, formaldehyde, mercury, CFCs, Ozone depletion and low emission for indoor air quality.

The Good in the mattress: Things I like the most

The plush soft mattress is a perfect choice as it can be used on any kind of frame whether it is a platform frame, slated frame or box spring and a variety of sheets can be used with it.

The soft plush top of the mattress helps you get rid of body aches and pain. Whether you sleep on your back or side, there is no discomfort at all. The combination of Hybrid and gel foam makes it more comfortable and luxurious. The 10-year warranty is another plus point.

I have never slept on such a nice mattress ever before.

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The Bad in the mattress: Thing I don’t like

First of all, it is too difficult to find reviews of this product. This particular product is really hard to find as the brand is not so popular.

I found it a bit overpriced as there is not much awareness about this brand.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons are like the two faces of the coin. One cannot exist without others. The same is the case of this mattress. There are pros and then cons but, pros are definitely more than cons.


  • The mattress is so soft. You feel so light and comfortable sleeping on this.
  • The product has a 10-year warranty which simply explains its quality.
  • The hybrid technique with triple-layered memory foam makes the mattress special and extra convenient. It hugs you at the right spot.


  • The price of this mattress is too high.
  • There have complaints regarding the long term usage of this mattress.



You may find difficult to make the initial purchase but this is something you will never regret. The soft top and comfortable touch of the mattress help you sleep well.

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